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Book - Yates Top 50 Indoor Plants and How Not to Kill Them

$39.99 NZD

"Highly recommend for anyone starting their houseplant collection. Very concise and easy to understand." @stephanie_cordova

About this book

This is a super practical, softcover coffee table reference book. In your big stack of hefty tomes on your coffee table, this chap would sit on top of the pile as he's a more portable size than your typical coffee table brick.

Written by Angie Thomas the author has profiled the plants we can actually get in the New Zealand and Australian market. You can check the contents list in the photos to see all 50 plants that are profiled to check all your favourites are in there.

Small enough to fit in any bookshelf at 19cm wide x 21cm tall, but still a chunky chap at a smidge under 2cm thick with over 200 pages of value, packed full of info ideal for a beginner plant collector.

The propagation, pests, diseases and plant care basics section at the back is a handy reference too, as is the 'what to grow where' list of plants to match each room of the house, covering low light areas, bathrooms and kitchens, bedrooms, office spaces and desktops, large and small spaces, terrariums, in hanging pots and more. 

Each of the 50 plant profiles includes an intro to the plant, details about preferred conditions and how to keep them happy and healthy, as well as growing and care tips. It's very easy to digest info. Not too in-depth or full-on at all. Just the right amount to give you the basics to confidently add more plants to your collection knowing you can look after them the right way. 

A lovely, practical book to broaden your knowledge about all the most easily available, most popular indoor plants.

Flick through the photos then add this to your collection today.