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Cover Pot - Elho Brussels Round Mini - 12.5cm Lavender

$7.99 NZD

This shade of lavender is the perfect blend of purple with just a touch of pink to warm it up. A classic shape cover pot in such a happy colour. Purple makes green foliage look amazing (just like the Lavender plant this pot colour's named after), especially blue-green and grey-green foliage like many cacti and succulents. Cover pots are such a clever way to bring colour in to a neutral colour scheme.

The classic Elho Brussels is a gently curved cover pot shape. This is for the Elho Brussels Round in matte Lavender, measuring 12.5cm diameter x 11.5cm tall to fit most small and medium nursery pots. If you have a little plant you really want a purple cover pot for, but she's still in her 10cm baby pot, just prop her up by adding a layer of pebbles to the bottom of the cover pot. 

Made with recycled plastic and fully recyclable - but don't let the price fool you - they may be low-cost, but they're still made to last. Lavender is an awesome feature colour to brighten up a neutral colour scheme or turn your favourite plant in to a cheerful feature in the room. It looks stunning mixed in with white but we particularly love it alongside orange, pink and peach too.

This cover pot is water-tight with no drainage hole, designed for indoor use. Just tuck your nursery pot inside and the transformation's complete!