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Crew Cloning Pod - Small / Medium

$2.50 NZD

Say hello to your new propagation bestie. One of the fastest propagation methods with a much higher success rate vs other methods. This technique is called air layering. Cloning pods are also called a cloning ball, propagation ball, grafting ball or rooting ball.

The Crew Cloning Pod is super simple, reusable propagation tool that clones your favourite indoor plants without having to cut them off the mother plant first. It's a much faster and more successful propagation method compared to cutting first then propagating in water or soil (and crossing your fingers!). 

Pods come in 2 sizes. This is the Small / Medium, measuring 5cms wide x 6.5cms tall, made for stems up to 9mm thick. The stem openings fit stems measuring up 3 to 5mm thick or you can snip off the removable tabs to fit wider stems up to 9mm thick.

To compare: Large measures 8cms wide and 10cms tall for stems up to 8mm thick, or up to 12mm thick if you snip off the tabs.

Benefits of a cloning pod 

  • Clone your favourite plants without cutting first.
  • Roots faster than water or soil propagation requiring cutting.
  • Clones while attached to the mother plant = a higher success rate vs methods requiring cutting before propagation.
  • See-through plastic pod makes monitoring root growth & substrate moisture easy.
  • Creates a new plant ready to pot up within 2 - 4 weeks on most indoor plants (allow 6 - 8 weeks for slow-growers, or when used in cooler temps or lower light).
  • Popular, proven propagation technique for Monstera, Philodendron, Pothos, Epipremnum, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Ficus Elastica & many more indoor plants + outdoors for roses, fruit trees, Magnolia and Camellia.
  • Easier to use + less mess compared to air layering with plastic wrap.
  • Reusable for a more eco-friendly alternative to throw-away plastic cups or plastic wrap.
  • Better propagation method during autumn and winter when conditions aren't ideal for propagation from cuttings.
  • Pods grow soil rootsNo risk of water roots not adjusting to the shift to substrate when potting up. 


    How to use a cloning pod


    Before you start, locate a node. Ideally one with aerial roots. Apply a dab of rooting hormone for best results.

    STEP 1. Prep your substrate. Choose your substrate. Wet with water or rooting solution. 

    STEP 2. Fill your pod. Position your pod with the wider opening at the top for easy watering. Fill both halves of the pod with your substrate of choice.

    STEP 3. Close your pod. Secure around the node using the snap-lock or bands (provided).

    Wait and water. Wait a few weeks for roots to be visible. Keep substrate moist. If extra moisture is needed, simply water through the funnel at the top without disturbing roots.

    STEP 4. When ready, remove and pot up. Once roots have developed, open the pod. Gently remove substrate from around the roots. Cut the stem right below the new root ball, and pot up directly into the substrate of your choice. Done!

    FAQ's + tips for better results

    #1 The images below show nodes and aerial roots. You can use any node, but one with aerial roots will root faster...

    parts of a stem showing node internode aerial roots petiole


    parts of a stem showing axillary buds node aerial roots

    #2 Dab a little rooting gel or powder on the node and aerial root to speed up initial roots (I use Clonex but IBAdex is another option).

    If nodes are close together, you can put more than one node in a pod. 


    #4 If there isn't much space between nodes, remove one or two leaves. Don't close leaves inside the pod. 

    #5 Substrate should be light, airy and be both free-draining and retain water and nutrients. Sphagnum Moss is by far the most popular choice you'll see PlantTubers use , however can be a little tricky to remove from roots later (roots really love holding on to  moss). My favourite is Fern Fibre. I've also seen Perlite used.

    #6 Soak or water your substrate in rooting solution, or make up a nutrient solution with fertiliser or seaweed so the substrate has nutrients available that new roots need to grow bigger, stronger, faster. I use GT CCS rooting fertiliser, but you can also use your usual fertiliser, or Groconut, or a seaweed soak with BioPower Seaweed

     The squeeze watering bottles are perfect for keeping substrate moist. They make getting water into the funnel at the top so easy.

    #8 To secure your pod, they have a little snap-close on the side, but you can put bands around each corner (bands come included) for the large pod, or across the top and bottom for the small pod, or small cable ties through the pre-drilled holes (cable ties not included). For plants with bendy stems, or when using the large pod, you can also tie your pod to your plant's support pole using twine, cable ties or plant velcro through the pre-drilled holes. 

    *Please note if buying as a gift, that this product does not come with retail packaging (no printed box or anything fancy)*  

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