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Dyna-Gro Foliage-Pro 9-3-6 - Liquid Plant Food

$22.00 NZD



"Dyna-gro is the best bar none! Do the research. There is no other product that produces these results with little to no effort on the users part. I've been using it for over a year now." @w_max_lizotte 

"This fertilizer is quite popular among the plant community and I can see why. My plants seem to love it." LC

"Foliage pro brought my Ficus Lyrata plant back to life! I must have lost about 60% of the leaves and after desperately trying to figure out what to do I bought this and it saved my Ficus from losing any more leaves. In fact, I now have 4 new leaves coming out since using this." @olivia_us

"I have used this for several years. It is my favorite - it has mg and ca [magnesium and calcium], so I don't have to add it. I have over 800 indoor plants. It's a perfect ratio so I only need one fert." @gf_in_ca

*FREE pipette included with every bottle of Dyna-Gro*

Why choose Foliage-Pro?

This has quickly become my new go-to plant food for my own indoor jungle. Not so new for most of you guys though I hear! Far from a secret it seems (but one I wish I'd known about sooner). Foliage Pro is hard to beat when stacked up against the overwhelming number of plant foods on the market. Scroll down for the directions for use below. Here's why it's different...

 All 16 essential macro and micro-nutrients indoor plants need. A truly complete plant food. Not just an 'NPK' food.

 Nutrients in the right balance to avoid both deficiencies and excess unabsorbed mineral salts building-up in soil. That build-up can steal precious water from your plants, cause browning, wilting leaves, leaf loss and slow growth (check for white build-up on soil surface & around drainage holes too). 

 It's urea free. This one's a biggie. Urea is what most (usually cheaper), fertilisers use as their nitrogen source. Fine for outdoors where excess can leach away from precious roots. But for indoor plants? No thank you. Urea can turn soil pH acidic, cause root and leaf burn. 

 Most plant foods lack calcium at all, or levels are too low. Calcium can't move around your plant, so 
if there's a deficiency when growing new leaves and stems, there's a deficiency for life (sad face). If you've noticed stunted growth, deformed leaves, weak stems, new growth rotting, black spots or yellow leaf edges, those are common signs of a calcium deficiency. Plants need 1 to 3 times more calcium than phosphorus! 

PS: The calcium in Foliage-Pro makes this our go-to for Watermelon Peperomia in particular. All plants need calcium, but some in particular like Aroids - Monstera and Philodendrons for example - are thought to have a higher calcium requirement than others.

Read more about calcium and other reasons Foliage-Pro is different, in the Foliage-Pro FAQ's > 

Directions for use

Like most plant foods, dose varies based on use and frequency. For feeding every time you water: 1ml per 1.5 litres is the standard maintenance level.

BUT do make sure you check the 
full Foliage-Pro directions here before first use (including every water, monthly feeding, hydro, leca, and foliar feeding for quick fix of mineral deficiencies or for stressed plants). 

Used at maintenance level, the 236ml size makes over 350 litres. Superb value for money in our books. 

TIP: Unsure whether Dyna-Gro's Foliage Pro or GROW is the better formula for your plants? Check the article What's the difference between Foliage Pro and GROW?

More reviews 

"Got this for my mum who has about 50 different exotic house plants. She uses this every couple of weeks in her watering and her plants are growing nice lush green foliage. This is probably one of the best value grow fertilisers out there." @anjun_can

"This product borders on the amazing on how my plants bounced back watering them weekly. Now they love me back and are looking fuller, greener, and more alive, also growing like crazy. I wish I had found this a year ago before I lost a few plants. Highly recommend for the indoor grower." @christine_c_mason

"This stuff WORKS. I get very slow growth on most of my house plants, so I decided to try this in hopes of stimulating some new growth. Almost 2 weeks after using, I have an average of 2 new fully grown leaves on all of my plants. I was hoping for maybe a leaf on a couple of them, but what I got was amazing. Some of them have doubled in size! My plants are growing like crazy, and are very green and happy. Can’t recommend enough!" @kelli_us

"Surprisingly, I was able to revive my fiddle leaf fig tree using the Dyna-Gro mixture. The plant seemed to have root rot, as the leaves were all turning brownish yellow and all of the leaves were drooping and dropping off. I fully expected the plant to die, but within five days after the first watering with the mixture, my fiddle leaf fig stopped what seemed was its imminent death." @gray_fox

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Reviews from customers

"By far the best customer care I've had in a long time. Website is such a wealth of information and the email with instructions for use after my purchase was fantastic... and the personalised message on the package was very cool. Definitely my go to shop for plant supplies now. Thanks Love That Leaf! A+++" Karyn Wilson

"I've ordered plants/plant supplies from a variety of shops over the last few years but the customer service, communication and prices no where compare to Love That Leaf! Highly recommend to everyone and Love That Leaf is now my go to for anything plant related Definitely 10 out of 10 service." Liz Wakeham

"Exceptional customer service. Communication was fast and friendly and I received a follow up email with additional advice on how to get the best from the products I had purchased. There is something a bit extra special about Love That Leaf and I highly recommend them!" Lisa Daly