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Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt - Silicon Plant Supplement

$22.00 NZD


"I added this to my nutrient line up over a year ago and could not be happier. The plants are sturdier and more resistant to heat and pests." @doug_us

"Great product!!! Use with neem oil to make a fantastic insecticide spray." @nathanaiel

"Tons of uses and no side effects, I recommend this highly for anyone serious about horticulture." @j_ayres

"This is one of the best additives for your plants. Silica makes your plants strong and resistant to everything." @smitty

"Used in conjunction with neem oil to kill the plethora of fungus gnats everywhere in my house. Have used 2 times and not only is the infestation 99.9% gone, my plants look very healthy and shiny now. This stuff is amazing!" @cua_usa 

Why choose Pro-Tekt?

It's all in the name! Dyna-Gro Pro-Tekt does just that. Protects. Think of it like your plant's body guard. Tough. Strong. Ready to fight. Here's the thing though. The power of silicon is no secret to agricultural scientists. It's just taken us house-plant hobbyists a while to catch on to this clever secret-agent for protecting our precious indoor plants.

We simply shouldn't have to live with this constant fear of pests and diseases. The seemingly endless posts on Facebook with pleas for help to combat creepy crawlies and diagnose mysterious ailments. Then before you know it, your entire jungle's infested. 

Silica is the second most abundant mineral that makes up the Earth's crust. It makes up more than 95% of all known rocks. But indoors? Our plants rely on us to boost what their soil is missing, so they can protect themselves the way nature intended. Pro-Tekt is the missing link.  


What does Pro-Tekt do?

Pro-Tekt gives your plants both silicon and potassium to promote faster, stronger growth, and supporting your plants natural defences against insects, fungal infections and disease.

If one plant, or your whole gang, is prone to pests or constant problems, Pro-Tekt gives them the extra protection they need to help fight back. If the worse happens and you lose a plant to disease or pests, use Pro-Tekt to help prevent the rest becoming the next victims.

Frequent and often
is the best defence. Don't leave it too late. It's far better to feed weekly, but if it's too late and you're dealing with bugs or disease, you can foliar spray for the fastest protection (see directions for use below). Find out more about how silicon works >

SUPPORTS: Thanks to stronger, broader stems, Pro-Tekt also helps nutrients and water travel more easily and efficiently to where they're needed most. Even the stubborn ones like calcium. Stronger stems helps support bigger, heavier leaves and flowers too. Pro-Tekt also helps strengthen stems to support heavy fruits and veges.

Those healthier stems absorb and transport both water and nutrients needed for faster, bigger, healthier growth and leaves, and helps strengthen plant's response when pests and disease attack. Find out more about how silicon protects from insects and disease >

 A bonus side-effect is plants handle neglect and stress better too! Good news for the busy plant parents and forgetful waterers out there - as well as the over-carers. Silicon helps plants be more resistant to drying out, able to cope better with inconsistent watering, and better able to handle both heat, cold and drafts.

Superb for our climate in NZ with most homes getting both cooler and warmer during winter and summer than our more tropical indoor plants ideally cope well with. It also helps reduce the chance of toxicity from excesses like over-feeding, use of imbalanced home-made plant food, or use of plant foods that include urea.

Silicon is a fascinating nutrient. If you like to know more about what it does and why your plants need it, the secret of silicon is well worth a read.

*FREE pipette added with every order of Pro-Tekt for easy, accurate measuring*

Directions for use

Dilution rates vary to match frequency, use and your plant's needs.

For adding to every water (recommended so your plants always have silicon when needed), 1 ml to 1.5 litres is a good maintenance level. If you feed more often than weekly, keep the dose the same but dilute by doubling the water, making it 1 ml to 3 litres. If monthly suits your routine better, double the dose but keep the water the same, so make it 2ml per 1.5 litres instead.

Silicon is a very safe supplement so you can play with the dose a bit to find the perfect level for your plants. Check the full Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt directions for use before your first application.

Used at maintenance level, the 236ml size makes over 350 litres. Superb value for money. 

*Super important*

Pro-Tekt cleverly keeps silicon in an easily-absorbed liquid form using a high pH concentrate base. But most plant foods are low pH. Always make sure you mix Pro-Tekt with water & dilute it first, BEFORE adding other fertilisers, foods or tonics (like Foliage Pro). 

Otherwise Pro-Tekt will turn into a lump of silicon gel! I find it best to mix Pro-Tekt with about 3/4 of the water you're going to use, give it a stir, add your fertiliser, then add the last 1/4 of water and feed.

I mix 1ml of Pro-Tekt in with 1 litre of water, give it a mix, add 1ml of Foliage Pro, then add the remaining half a litre of water. That way I keep the same 1 ml per 1.5 litre dose for both products - but by all means have a play and find out what works best for you and your plants.

More reviews 

"Came upon this product at a greenhouse/grower I know and gave it a try. Fantastic product and very easy to use. I have over 70 plants in my house including orchids and I use nothing else but Pro-tekt and Dyna-Gro." @b.hamilton

"My plants were dying and I didn't know why. Pro Tekt revived them and kept them healthy until I could figure out the problem." @ellisk  

"So many benefits from using silica. Makes plants strong and toughens plants leaves in a sense for a form of pest management. All dyna grow products are quality in my opinion." @christopher_s

"The best silicon supplement out there. Use with foliage pro or bloom, can’t go wrong. NEVER any problems." @caroline_e

"I use this stuff for all my plants indoors and out. Happy shinny green leaves. Healthy stems. Helps with bug resistance." @jaso_n 

"This helped my plants grow thicker and look healthier. A little goes a long way too." @JJ_voice

"Silica is fantastic. If you are not adding some form of silica you will want to start right now." @privacy_is.nice

"I have hundreds of houseplants... very good value for the money... I've been getting nice sturdy growth using it with my fertilizers." @amanda_vine

"Helps to strengthen root system and make the plant more resilient to changes in temperature and to disease. Highly recommended to all growers!"

"...It has indeed improved their resistance to drought. I used to water them every 2-3 days in the summer, but now I can go as long as 5-6 days or even longer between waterings in the warm season and they still don't wilt. My plants are extremely healthy and strong now. I used to baby them and tried to touch them as little as possible.

Now I can handle them, rough them up, brush by them when I'm walking and it doesn't bother them one bit. Even when the wind blows them over I pick them right back up and there are rarely broken stems or damaged leaves. Amazing! I use Pro Tekt on a wide variety of plants - from tropicals such as peace lilies to epiphytes such as bromeliads and orchids to succulents such as cactus and Euphorbia.

None have reacted poorly and all are growing like crazy... my peace lilies and Dracaena warneckii are beasts! Everyone else is healthy and happy, too. Highly recommend! Your plants will thank you." @shweet_potato

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Reviews from customers

"By far the best customer care I've had in a long time. Website is such a wealth of information and the email with instructions for use after my purchase was fantastic... and the personalised message on the package was very cool. Definitely my go to shop for plant supplies now. Thanks Love That Leaf! A+++" Karyn Wilson

"I've ordered plants/plant supplies from a variety of shops over the last few years but the customer service, communication and prices no where compare to Love That Leaf! Highly recommend to everyone and Love That Leaf is now my go to for anything plant related Definitely 10 out of 10 service." Liz Wakeham

"Exceptional customer service. Communication was fast and friendly and I received a follow up email with additional advice on how to get the best from the products I had purchased. There is something a bit extra special about Love That Leaf and I highly recommend them!" Lisa Daly