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Grow Vertical Propstick - 70cms PRO CLEAR

$19.50 NZD

Grow Vertical are hands down my favourite type of support pole. I love how easy and fun they are to assemble, how stable they are, and that you can customise them with almost any substrate. Plus they're reusable over-and-over, with a different substrate each time if you like, without having to cut aerial roots. And they're extendable. That's a lot to say yes to for your plants.


 What size is the Pro? 

PRO measures 70cms tall x 11cms wide once assembled. Ideal for taller climbing plants with bigger leaves, or babies you have high hopes for! Best matched with pots bigger than 14cms. I have mine in 16.5cm Teku pots with the Pro size. Grow Vertical are reusable too, just grab a handful of cable ties and shift it to a new plant, or try new substrate.

 How do Grow Vertical compare to stick moss poles? 

I find these much easier to keep moist compared to those round, wrapped moss poles on sticks. You can keep your Grow Vertical moist with a spray mister if you want, but my favourite method is to just tilt then pour water straight down the back of my Grow Vertical pole. The curved shape acts like a funnel. Excess water drains down and out through the pot's drainage holes like normal. No spills. No wet walls or shelves  from misting. Faster and less wasteful than misting, plus you can more thoroughly wet the pole substrate to the core for less frequent watering too.

I also love that I don't have to damage precious aerial roots if I want to change the pole, or sell the plant but keep the pole, as there's no need to cut the roots to remove them like I have to with the round, wrapped moss poles. I'm currently working through my jungle and replacing all my moss poles with Grow Vertical supports. I love that these don't degrade or bend over time like moss poles can, and are more secure and stable when I have move plants.  

 Which colour Grow Vertical Pro is best? 

Eco varies in colour due to being 100% recycled. The current batch of Eco is a soothing shade of grey (shown in the photo of all 3 colours). 

My first Grow Vertical was black, but I do love the Clear and Eco for playing 'I Spy' watching aerial roots grow inside. Clear and Eco look extra fab coupled with a clear pot too. As the saying goes, Black goes with everything!

Black is more classic and polished. It creates a darker backdrop to show off the plant's foliage (plus the cable ties are also black, so black-on-black hides everything for a more minimal look). Clear gives you the best front-row seat to check substrate and roots and blend in. Eco is transparent but not fully clear. Check the photos to see all three.


 Which plants benefits from support poles? 

Many indoor plants are epiphytes that just want to climb! In their natural habitat they grab on and climb up trees. Give them something to get their aerial roots into and you'll be rewarded with bigger leaves and faster growth. I also find mine who I've given poles become less leggy and more full and leafy, compared to when they're left to vine instead of climb. Giving climbing plants the opportunity to climb helps them reach their maximum genetic potential. 

That includes Monstera, Pothos, Philodendron, Epipremnum, Syngonium, Orchids and more.


 What comes in a Grow Vertical pack? 

Each pack comes with the back panel, front mesh, and mini cable ties. Easy to assemble. No tools needed. Just add substrate. Sphagnum Moss is popular, but I'm loving Fern Fibre too (see photos for ideas). You can use any substrate that won't escape from the mesh.

 How do you assemble a Grow Vertical? 

Attach the mesh using the cable ties, through the pre-drilled holes along the sides of the back panel. No tools needed.

Put the substrate in first or as you go, or assemble first, then push the substrate in from the bottom or top, to the height needed. Add more substrate later as the plant climbs.

The mesh is shorter than the back panel. Line the mesh up with one end of the panel. That will be the top. The bottom will be hidden in the pot. For extra stability, put the pole right down to the bottom of the nursery pot. 

Place your pole anywhere you want within the pot. I prefer to locate it at the 'back' with the plant in the middle, creating a 'front' to display your plant. Secure your plant with plant velcro or plant ties until aerial roots have attached.


 Grow Vertical Reviews 

"Excellent product. The simple elegant design really adds a lot the the aesthetics of my home. My plants have all been moved to these prop sticks and are growing like crazy." Anthony W.

"Dam my Philos were swinging off their bamboo sticks screaming “ HELLO, WE NEED SOME GROW VERTICAL 😂 8 months later here we are and they are looking better then ever, never again will I procrastinate grow poles 💀💀" @goldyplantdad

"I ordered a pack of the Propstick Mini and was so impressed with the quality that I ordered a set of the Propstick Pro with my next pay." Dale G.

"My Monstera Dubia is loving it’s new home on a Grow Vertical moss pole. Since it’s a climber and loves humidity I wanted to give it something to climb. The thought of creating moss poles was always on my mind but these grow vertical poles are so easy to install and to set up." @wheneyesee

This is for the pole only, substrate not included. Spagmoss and Fern Fibre are the most popular options. Compare those are more substrates here

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jo Bisset
Love it!

Love my Grow Vertical Propstick!!! Super quick delivery and amazing service. Will be back for more. Thanks so much for the great online shopping experience. My monkey mask is super a happy now too 😊

Dawn Williams
Grow Vertical is amazing

I love the Grow Vertical system for my aroids and my plants love it too. Good gowth and good roots are a happy result. I have plants in Sphagnum Moss and in Tree Fern fibre and both do really well in the poles. Some fallout from the growing medium is to be expected but I find it a minor problem given the benefits I've seen.


Great product, perfect size for a growing plant.


I've been making my own Moss poles for awhile,they can dry out rather fast especially through summer,so thought I would give these ago, I really think there great hold the moisture much longer Im quite impressed

Carrie Howard

Great product and great service from Love That Leaf. Anna is always so helpful and her hand written notes are such a lovely, personal touch.

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