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Pon [Lechuza Pon]

$8.00 NZD

Please note limit 4 litres total of Pon per order due to weight. You're welcome to order more and I'll be in touch to organise paying for overweight shipping (if needed) rates are here

What's the big secret? 


Ready? Set? Get your grow on the semi-hydro-PON-ic way with Pon. Usually called Lechuza Pon after the best-known brand of Pon you'll hear YouTubers and planty Instagrammers talk about.

This soil-less substrate is a favourite with famous Plant-Tubers the world over, with the best known being Kaylee Ellen (from The Rare Plant Shop UK fame), and many others with larger collections.

However that doesn't mean Pon is out of reach for those us with more modest indoor plant jungles. The Spruce calls Pon "...the home jungle secret plant influencers don't want you to know about" because Pon is so often sold out. I will try and maintain a steady supply for you, however there may be times you need to go on the waiting list (if you see the Add to Cart button above it means I'm in stock right now).

I started my Pon journey due to a mix of curiosity about what the planty YouTubers and Instagrammers were on about, combined with a stubborn Hoya cutting who refused to root, even with my normal 'secret weapon' combo of fern fibre and GT CCS rooting formula. Spoiler alert: Pon did the trick.

Turns out I'm not alone in the Hoya + Pon trick. Eula from @botanyplantslately says:

“My Hoya Wayetii was in Leca. It had been dormant for quite some time. So I decided to switch the substrate to pon, and the difference of the leaf growth after a few weeks was amazing!  My Hoya Rigida was rooting in perlitre and I transferred it to pon and shot out two new leaves after 3 weeks. I have also tried rooting some Hoya nummularioides in different mediums such as water, Leca, perlite and pon. The cutting in pon rooted quicker than the others.”

What is Pon?

Pon gets its name from 'Semi Hydro-PON-ics'. It's a popular 'remedy' for fungus gnats, just like Leca, but tends to be more user friendly than Leca for growing and propagating, and is used both added to potting mix, as well as by itself. Pon is a soil-alternative. Lechuza Pon is the 'gold standard' and their ingredients for Pon are pumice, zeolites, lava rock and a little short-term slow-release fertiliser boost.

What are the benefits to plants? 

Lechuza Pon has the 'magic ratio' of 45% water and 55% air. Wait. Did you hear that? That was the sound of your aroids and hoyas breathing a sigh of relief. It's almost impossible to overwater in Pon, meaning the risk of root rot is hugely reduced.  Pon is also loved for pretty much eliminating some pests, like Fungus Gnats, and both reducing the risk of and making treatment of other pests both faster and easier.


What plants do well in Pon?

Plants that thrive in an airy, free-draining mix, do best with a dry spell between watering, prefer lightly moist conditions, or are prone to root rot if over-watered. Hoyas and Aroids like Philodendrons, Monstera, Pothos, Epipremnum and more all make the list. 

What's in Pon?

Different brands have slightly different combos, but the Pon I sell is a combo of pumice, zeolites, lava rock and a little short-term slow-release fertiliser for that perfect 45% water 55% air balance. You've probably heard of 3 of those before (pumice, lava rock or better known as scoria to us kiwis, and slow-release fertiliser), but what are zeolites?

Zeolites are natural volcanic minerals. These clever little crystal-like stones trap harmful heavy metals and pollutants like lead and nickel. They have high water storage, soaking up excess water to keep the mix airy, releasing water when the roots need it. Zeolites also have a natural fungal inhibiting effect and help balance the pH.

Do you still need to fertilise with Pon?

Yes, just not at first. Lechuza Pon only includes a short-term, slow-release fertiliser. It lasts an average of 6 months, so no, you do not need to fertilise right away after transferring a plant in to Pon, but will need to return to your usual fertiliser routine after a couple of seasons. 

Tell me more!

I've put together a detailed 'how to' guide to Pon for first-timers, which takes you through...

  • the 4 ways you can use Pon
  • how to transfer or repot a plant from soil or potting mix in to Pon
  • how to water when using Pon
  • when to fertilise and what fertiliser to use
  • how to prep Pon before use (hint: no prep required)
  • what pot types you can use with Pon
  • using Pon with standard nursery pots vs wick watering and self-watering pots

Plus all the pros (and cons), how it compares to Leca, tips, tricks and more. Find out all about Pon in The Ultimate Guide to Growing Indoor Plants in Pon. Plus I'll email you a copy of that guide after you order as well :)

Available in 2 sizes

I purchase the most well-known brand, Lechuza Pon, in bulk for my own use. However I absolutely know the cost is prohibitive for most hobbyists to try it. Plus a lot of Pon fans only use it for propagation and the huge, very heavy, almost 20 litre bags are just way more than you need for the average hobbyist.

So when I have spare, I'm happy to share the extra with you, and can offer you Pon in two small sizes, 1 litre and 2 litre bags. Both sizes come in resealable, stand-up bags. If you're wanting it for propagation, 1 litre of Pon is enough to fill about 10 mini prop pots when using Pon by itself (based on the smaller Teku Mini but will be similar for the other Rain and Elho mini propagation pots too).

Both the 1 litre and 2 litre bags come in plain packaging in a sturdy, clear, plastic stand-up pouch with a zip-open, press-close resealable top, thick enough to reuse again. Plants and pots shown in some photos not included. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
stefanie luo
loved it

loved it, succulent favourite!

Nice to try new things

I have heard about pon from some friends and decided to try it. Some of my plants have thrived so since being in pon, specifically my Philodendron Rio which had done nothing in all other substrates I tried it in. Highly recommend giving it a go if you haven't already!


Great for hoyas, especially ones that are stubborn to root in just water. Will definitely be using pon for all my cuttings in the future.


The mix seems to be helping an orchid that was refusing to grow new aerial roots - was just about to consign it to the compost heap - but it has perked up and looks to be ready to pop out new roots😁

Amazing results

Amazing results and super easy to use. I have had great success with hoya and alocasias so far.

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