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Our Gentle Garden - 4-in-1 Support Pole - 50cms [from $9.90 each]

$12.90 NZD

"I really love the look of the Our Gentle Garden poles. I love how they look almost invisible before you fill them. I have several and think they are awesome. Also they are very easy to add onto each other as your plant grows" Elise Oberlin-Brown 



*Singles $12.90 each or save $9 and get a 3 pack for $29.70 ($9.90 each)*

From creative planty duo Celine and Jon from Our Gentle Garden, this clever support pole is deceptively simple. At 50cms tall and adjustable up to 6.5cms wide, with 4 pole shapes to choose from all in one! Yep, it's the Origami of support poles. The perfect size for all your small to medium climbers - and it's very easy to extend too! 

Watch this video before you assemble your pole. It's super easy to choose your shape. Plus simple (and fun) to assemble. But there's much more to them than meets the eye...

What plants are these best for?

Any plant that wants to climb, or that needs a helping hand to stay upright. My favourites include Monstera Adansonii, 
Philodendrons, Pothos, Rhaphidophora, Epipremnum and more. I've got a Philodendron Pink Princess, Manjula Pothos and Monstera Standleyana all loving these (that's one of my Monstera in the photos).  


Choose the shape: 4 in 1

Fold into the shape you want! Choose from two 'D' shaped poles (curved front or curved back), create a traditional round pole, or a rectangular pole (the rectangle is great for shinglers like Monstera Dubia).

Choose the substrate

Sphagnum Moss
is my go-to (I like the sustainable Besgrow SpagMoss), or Fern Fibre, chunky potting mix, coir chips, larger grade orchid bark, large pumice or chunky perlite.

Whatever you choose, keep in mind you either want something fibrous (like spag moss or fern fibre), or chunky (like orchid bark or coir chips) due to the larger sized, root-friendly hexagonal cut-outs.

Choose the width

The double row of slots lets you choose your pole thickness, and use only as much substrate as your plant needs. Thinner width around 5cm and the thicker is closer to 7cms (about 6.5cms), depending on the shape you choose.



Plant getting too tall? Just slide in a new pole on top and keep growing! 


Nature's perfect shape

The hexagon cut-outs are 'Nature's perfect shape'. From beehives to dragonfly's eyes, snowflakes to rock formations, hexagons are everywhere in nature.

The big hexagonal cut-outs maximise substrate surface area for aerial roots to attach to, add strength, give more space for bigger, thicker roots to develop, reduces plastic use, and gives plenty of room to fit fingers in to more easily add substrate and move it around. Larger cut-outs also make it much easier to remove plants from their pole later, without having to cut aerial roots.

Each hexagon cut-out measures from 1.2cms to 2cms at the widest point across.

Easy peasy assembly

No cable ties or fiddly set-up needed. Just pick the width you want, fold along the lines to make the shape you want, then push the tabs in to the slots at the back (tabs go from the outside in), and fill with your preferred substrate. Assembled in a minute, ready to add substrate and plant.  

'Non-tip' small-plant friendly

Giving my smaller plants a moss-pole was a top-heavy balancing act until these came along. Made of lightweight plastic to minimise tip-over, making these the most small-plant friendly moss poles I've found yet.

Unlike coir-poles, you choose the substrate and substrate level, so you only need to fill them to the current height of your plant, keeping substrate weight to a minimum too. You can 'plant' your pole deeper into the pot for extra stability if needed also.  

Easy monitoring + more light

Made from frosted plastic means these poles are almost see-through. Easy to keep an eye on root health as well as moisture level, plus they won't block light reaching leaves (keep in mind substrate choice impacts that also).  

Made of PET recyclable, reusable plastic

PET plastic is recyclable in NZ and one of the easiest-to-recycle plastic types, repurposed for everything from carpet to clothing. It's light yet strong. The same stuff soft-drink and bottled water comes in.

PET plastic won't absorb water from the plant or substrate, has high resistance to solvents and chemical leaching (including fertiliser), and high temperature resistance , so can be hot-washed between plants.

Plus it retains its shape over time, even with constant water exposure, so won't rot or collapse over time like wood-core and Fern Fibre poles can. Made to use again and again.  

Besties to get with your support pole

There's fresh or dry Besgrow SpagMoss or seaweed-soaked Egmont Magic MossFern Fibre is popular too.

When you first attach a plant to a pole, aerial roots need time to find the substrate and start growing into it. At first you'll want claw clips or plant velcro to attach your plant to its new pole and encourage the plant to grow the way you'd like (great for wayward vines to stop them heading off in all directions!).

Seaweed or root booster is superb to water your pole substrate with to encourage aerial roots to get growing, triggering your plant to mature and upgrade its leaf size. I use GT Rootzone for mine which combines both seaweed and root booster in one.


*This is for the pole only - plants, substrate and other accessories not included*


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

I definitely recommend these poles. The thing I love most about them ,is that they are extendable. It's super easy to add an additional piece on when your plants start gaining some height. I also love that they are clear, I fill mine with Sphag moss, which creates a beautiful natural look. They are very subtle and much less clunky looking than a coir pole!


Fast and easy to install for a beginner like me. Will but more poles when my plants are taller.

It pays to watch the video of how to put them together

Initially I was stressing about writing a review for this product as I really didn't want to write anything negative when everything I have bought previously has been fabulous. I had only recently decide to give moss poles ago after always using coconut coir. However, my first experience with putting one of these together was frustrating, tabs broke, they came apart when I put moss in and I had to use cable ties to hold things together. I was shocked and amazed that there was such a crappy product on the web site BUT I learnt a lesson. After getting over my initial frustration and waiting a few days I thought I have bought them I will use them but obviously I need more cable ties. The next pole I put together stayed together, it did not come apart when I put moss in, the tabs didn't break, it was a completely different experience which didn't need cable ties. I couldn't understand why until I looked at pole 1 and pole 2. I saw that with pole 1 I had put the tabs from inside to outside and with pole 2 from outside to inside which is the correct way and I would have known that if I had bothered to watch the video. The poles don't come with any instructions. So after my initial start I am going to say these are good, very reasonable priced and easy to keep moist. I have telescoped one pole into another to get an almost 1m moss pole, apparently you can do that but I have cable tied them together because the top one did keep sliding down into the bottom pole.

Sorry to hear you had a bad start with your first pole but pleased you worked it out for your second. None of the different brands of poles come with directions unfortunately but I do email a link to that video to help (I guess the email went to your junk or spam). I'm happy to replace your first pole for you. Please let me know after you place your next order and I'll add one in free. Anna @lovethatleaf

Grace T
Game changer

Absolutely no regrets with these! Watched countless YouTube videos on these and why they’re so good for our climbing plants. Also purchased dry sphagnum moss from LTL and it honestly can’t get any easier than that for a newbie. These were my first ever moss poles and I’m so stoked with them 🥰 Have recently added another one on top of syngonium mojito and was easy as to join.

Carina Braganza
Exceptionally beautiful

So easy yet so brilliantly stunning design

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