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Oxygen Plus For Plants - Hydrogen Peroxide 6% Double-Strength - 1 Litre

$23.50 NZD

"I no longer have an issue with fungus gnats. 10/10, would kill again." William Taylor


100% safe and natural, the 1 litre Oxygen Plus 6% Double-Strength For Plants is food grade Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and distilled water, used for outdoor gardening, indoor plants, hydroponics and aquaponics. 100% biodegradable (breaks down into water and oxygen molecules). The new 6% concentrate makes twice as much working solution (just double the water or half the usual 3% dilution rate - directions below). Superb value for money, especially for larger plant collections.

What's the difference between H2O (water) and H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide)?

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), occurs naturally in rainwater and acts as nature's cleanser.  It oxygenates soil and bodies of water, is completely non-toxic and safe to use around food, people and animals. Adding it when watering your indoor plants, mimics what Mother Nature does for outdoor plants every time it rains.

Oxygen Plus 6% is distilled water with an extra atom of oxygen. H2O means 2 hydrogens and 1 oxygen atom. The extra 2 in H2O2 means 2 hydrogens and 2 oxygen atoms, called hydrogen peroxide.

What is Hydrogen Peroxide used for?

In human health, hydrogen peroxide is used at different strengths for everything from wound care to toothpaste and cleaning. For our plants, Oxygen Plus Hydrogen Peroxide 6% is used by plant hobbyists and growers to prevent and treat a range of nasties, while promoting better health, restoring a healthier balance for our indoor plants to thrive in.

How does Hydrogen Peroxide help plants?

A few examples: Eliminates root rot while supporting growth of healthier roots. Eliminates fungal infections. Treats fungus gnat infestations. Increases oxygen, creating an environment that harmful anaerobic bacteria, mould, fungi and diseases dislike, but roots love, supporting healthier plants and naturally repelling pests and insects

How do you use Oxygen Plus 6%?

Dose depends on what you need to promote or prevent. Here are the most common uses and directions for each, plus the most popular uses below. Remember to check if the directions are for 3% or 6% strength. For 6% just double the water, or halve the Oxygen Plus. The directions below are for the 6% concentrate:


Treat Root Rot

If caught in time, there is hope. H202 kills the bacteria and fungi in the soil responsible for root rot, and restores oxygen to help remaining roots recover faster.  Directions: 1:2 ratio of Oxygen Plus 6% and water. Bottom water or top water so potting mix is fully saturated. Avoid leaves (pouring on leaves can burn them).

If repotting, trim off all rotting / soft / mushy roots and a little of the healthy root to make sure all rot is removed, then rinse roots with a 1:2 ratio of 6% Oxygen Plus to water, to help kill any missed rot before potting up into new potting mix. The fungi that causes root rot spreads quickly, so fresh soil and a clean pot is recommended.  

Pests and Insect Repellent (including Fungus Gnats!)

Use during watering for root pests, or as a spray to repel insects that feast on leaves.

For larvae and pests living in potting mix: Wait until top layer of potting mix is dry and plant needs watering. Mix 1:8 ratio. 1 part Oxygen Plus 6% to 8 parts water (eg: 1 cup to 8 cups). Either spray or saturate soil by bottom or top watering as normal. Depending on the insect, adults may continue to lay eggs, so best used in conjunction with treatment such as sticky traps to kill adults also.

For pests that live on and eat leaves: Mix 1:2 ratio. (eg: 1 cup Oxygen Plus 6% to 2 cups water). Lightly spray the entire plant. Best used in a fine mist spray bottle. Oxygen Plus makes their own (called the Mister 360) which is excellent. Spray only (do not pour on leaves). Do a spray test first on a couple of leaves, 2 days before treating the rest of the plant, just to make sure the plant isn't sensitive.

Whether used as a foliar spray or for treating the substrate, use Oxygen Plus by itself with water only (do not mix with other products such as fertiliser or insecticides).

*Please note some leaves are more sensitive to foliar sprays than others, including Peace Lily and Orchids. Take the same precautions as any treatment applied to leaves, and always do a test spray on a couple of leaves 2 days before treating the rest of the plant when using Hydrogen Peroxide as a foliar spray*

Support healthier, faster root growth

H2O2 provides extra oxygen to roots for growth and germination:

To sanitise seeds: Use undiluted H2O2 3% (not 6%). Put seeds in a container that can be sealed. Pour Oxygen Plus to just cover seeds. Seal and soak seeds for 4 hours. Rinse with water.

To speed up germination: Mix 30mls H2O2 6% with 4 cups of water (a measuring cup makes it easy to get the right amount). Soak seeds overnight, then plant as usual. 

For planted seedlings: Spray with H2O2 solution of 1 part H2O2 6% to 64 parts water (eg: around 30mls 6% per 2 litres water - measuring cup recommended).

For established plants: Mix 1:2 ratio of 6% H2O2 and water (eg: 1 cup 6% to 2 cups water). Bottom or top water as usual (water soil only, do not pour on leaves).

See the complete directions for use for more, including:

  • Eliminating fungal infections
  • Disinfecting pots and tools
  • Hydroponics and Aquaponics
  • Treating tank water
  • Use in organic gardening

Reviews for Oxygen Plus

"I use this on my orchid roots to stop infections and it is also effective on mealy bug." Noelene Hunt

"I hate fungus gnats; I dilute this 50:50* in a spray bottle and saturate the top inch of soil of my house plants. You can practically hear the eggs popping and the fungus they feed on burning away. I no longer have an issue with fungus gnats. 10/10, would kill again." William Taylor

*Note when using 6% to double the water (or halve the Oxygen Plus)

"I've been struggling with fungus gnats for a year now and this significantly reduced them. I think I probably needed to apply it a few more times to truly get rid of them so next time will be buying a large bottle! Makes the most satisfying sizzling noise as you treat the soil too. Will definitely be buying again." Annabelle

"I was having a problem with fungus gnats in the soil of my indoor plants....used the 3% hydrogen peroxide diluted 1 part H2O2 to four part water, and watered my plants with this every second watering. It certainly did the trick, and my plants are now looking healthier than ever." Marion

"I bought this product primarily to help me clean the roots of orchids when repotting to prevent algae and fungal infections... I’ve been very pleased with it." Erica Hill

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bloody fungus gnats!

I *think this stuff may have finally gotten rid of my pesky fungus gnat infestation! Hurrah!!!

Always Have This In The House

Great product I use it for so many things around not just plants 👍

Great bug killer!

Really did the trick on those annoying fungus gnats - a couple of doses of this, along with the yellow sticky traps have knocked them right over!

Cassie H

After dealing with a bit of root rot from poor soil, I thought I’d try some H2O2 to try save my plants. One of the two has made a full recovery already and the other is at least looking a bit better. Will definitely be utilising more in the future.


I got this for to treat root rot for my monstera and he is bouncing back!

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