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Sansi LED Grow Light - 24 watt

$47.00 NZD

"I recently bought this bulb for a dark corner of my apartment. This is the only source of light for these plants and they seem to LOVE IT! The build is retro fitted into a lamp I had, the light “colour” is very natural and sunlight like. Alocasia and some philodendron have consistently grown new leaves, bigger each time." 

Christopher Mitchell 


Get your grow on even in winter. Light up those dark corners and low-light areas. Sansi LED grow lights produce full-spectrum, white light that mimics the way our eyes see sunlight, but without the burning UV rays. This is for the 24 watt bulb.

Bulb details

Model: C21GL-CE27-24W

Colour: White, full-spectrum 

Wattage: 24 watt (equivalent of a 300W incandescent bulb)

Fitting: Standard NZ screw-in E27 fitting

Beam angle: 60 degrees

PPFD: 177 μmols per square metre at 1 foot (30cms)
44 μmols at 60cms / 20 μmols at 90cms / 11μmols at 120cms 

Size: 11cms widest point x 13 cms tall 

Compatible with timer plug: Yes (timer not included)

Compatible with dimmable switch: No

Application: Plant growth, fruiting and flowering

Location: Indoor use

Learn more about what all these terms mean with the Ultimate Guide to Grow Lights >

How far away from my plants should this grow light be?


How to use a distance guide

Distance matters more if this will be your plants only light source (which is what the following distances are based on). Keep in mind different plants have different light requirements, so start at the higher / further away of the distance range and adjust closer or further away depending on the plants light requirements. Closer if growth is slow or leggy, further away if leaves look to be getting too much light.

Distance guide (24 watt)

1 metre to 1.5 metres
 away for seedlings and cuttings (coverage 27 square feet / 2.5 square metres)

75cms to 1 metre distance for foliage growth (coverage 12 square feet / 1.1 square metres)

45cm to 75cms for blooming and fruit production (coverage of 3 square feet or 0.3 square metres)

10, 15, 24 watt or 36 watt?

36 WATT For a bigger collection, to cover a larger area, to mount higher up / further away for wider coverage, for a small greenhouse, for a large grow tent, or for a collection of plants that prefer very bright or direct light (including succulents and cacti), go for the 36 watt. Also for small trees and fruit production for larger, established plants. Coverage area is larger and output more intense, so it can also go higher up / further away than lower wattage bulbs. The extra bank of lights in the centre compared to the 24 watt offers higher light intensity for up to small greenhouses or larger grow tents.

24 WATT For a medium-size indoor plant collection or if you want two lights (which avoids plants growing towards one direction only), choose one or two of the 24 watt. Watch the video below which shows the 24 watt. One or two 24 watts are the most popular choice for most indoor plant hobbyists (you can always start with one and get a second later). 

15 WATT For smaller collections, for using over a prop tank, for a tray of seedlings or cuttings, for lighting up individual plant shelves, for use inside small grow tents and for baby plants and smaller-growing plants like African Violets, one or two of the 15 watt or 10 watt are ideal, with the 15 watt being the more popular of the two.

10 WATT The 10 watt is the better choice when you need to mount the light closer to plants (such as over the top to cover one tray of seedlings or to light up one plant shelf), or for a smaller number of plants. The 10 watt also fits the biggest range of lamps. It has the same standard E27 screw-in fitting as all sizes, but is not as wide or long as the 15 watt, so less conspicuous if you want a more aesthetic solution than can be hidden within most shades. 

What to put your grow light in

Since Sansi have a standard NZ E27 screw-in fitting, you'll find they are compatible with most desk lamps, floor lamps and pendant cord kits. However, grow lights have wider and longer bulbs than standard indoor lightbulbs so if you want a shade, look for one that's longer / wider than standard. As Sansi grow lights are directional, a shade isn't required (see the video below showing the beam without a shade).

Although LED grow lights run cooler so don't have the same risk of burning your plants, they still need some airflow around the bulb, so I'd allow a good 3cms or so extra on all sides, meaning you may need either no shade (recommended), or a wider than usual shade in an area with good airflow so things don't get too hot which risks burning out your bulb.

Have a watch of the video below for an idea of size as the 24 watt (in the video) and 36 watt are a similar larger size whereas the 15 watt and 10 watt are small enough to fit with plenty of room around them in most lamps with shades. The 10 watt is a similar size to a standard round light bulb.

I personally suggest not buying your lamp before your bulb, so you can take your bulb shopping with you to check the fit in-store - or to just purchase from a store who is relaxed about change of mind returns if you find it doesn't fit - and keep your receipt!

If you prefer to hang it either from the ceiling or from an L bracket on the wall, I also have these pendant cord kits available in 4 colours that have E27 fittings and are rated for up to 60 watt bulbs so are compatible with the Sansi bulbs.

To get a better idea of the bulb size, brightness and distance from plants, have a watch of this video which uses the 24 watt size:


Included: Bulb in box as shown. Pendant cords or other accessories shown are not included (available separately). 


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nadine Phillips
Excellent Grow Light

Excellent light. My plants love it. Received in Excellent condition. My favorite brand of grow light.

Excellent light

This grow light works a treat. I moved into a new house that doesn't have as much natural light so I bought a few of these bulbs to help my plants, mostly monstera. I've had some new leaves popping up! The only problem I had was buying the recommended floor lamp from the warehouse - the shade was too small for the bulb so I had to return them - but luckily Kmart sells a table lamp that can fit the wide bulb. I also got some electric timers for the plugs so I don't have to worry about turning the light on and off.

Christopher Mitchell
My plants love it!

I recently bought this bulb for a dark corner of my apartment.
This is the only source of light for these plants and they seem to LOVE IT! The build is retro fitted into a lamp I had, the light “colour” is very natural and sunlight like. Alocasia and some philodendron have consistently grown new leaves, bigger each time.

Kim Hurley
Awesome product!

The improvement in our houseplants (Monstera, Peace Lily, and Flamingo) was obvious within the first week. New growth that is healthier and stronger. Leaves are more glossy. No fuss ordering system, quick delivery, and well packaged. Would definitely recommend!


Sansi LED Grow Light - 24 watt

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