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Yates Conqueror Oil Spray Concentrate - 200ml

$14.99 NZD

Say bye bye to bugs the organic way. Certified organic Yates Conqueror Oil gets bugs gone fast from indoor plants, roses and fruit trees. Physically controls mealy bug, mites, aphids, thrips and scale insects without chemicals. Certified by Biogro as suitable for organic crops.

200mls makes up to 20 litres of spray with easy-to-use measuring cylinder included.

Safe for use on all indoor plants, roses, pipfruit, stonefruit, grapes and ornamentals. Does not affect beneficial insects such as honey bees. Also popular used as a natural leaf polish for thicker, smooth-leaved indoor plants like Ficus Elastica. 

Yates Conqueror Oil is a mineral-based oil that has been around for yonks. It works as a contact spray and smothers the insect. Super handy for use on fruit trees, grapes and roses when dormant. It can be added to other sprays to increase their stickability too. Because it suffocates pests and their eggs and works physically not with chemicals, insects can't develop resistance to it, so Conqueror Oil can be used both as a preventative and a treatment.

Conqueror Oil is a wetting agent - same as products like Enspray and even detergent - but there are some plants you shouldn't use wetting agents on, including some ferns and some succulents. We recommend always doing a little test spray on part of the plant 48 hours before using it for a full foliage spray. Move infected plants in the meantime to prevent the rest of your jungle being infected. Enspray oil and conqueror oil act as a preventative to insect and fungal diseases but note that detergent doesn’t.

Directions for using Yates Conqueror Spraying Oil

For indoor plants and roses Conqueror Oil controls mealy bug, scale insects, aphids and European red mite. Mix 
10ml per litre of water.

For apples, pears and stone fruit it controls aphids, European red mite and San Jose scale. Mix 15 to 20mL per litre of water. For scale control, apply during dormant period up until the green tip stage.

For citrus it controls scale insects, aphids, citrus red mite and thrips. Mix 10ml per litre of water.

Apply with a soft cloth when used as a leaf shine. For pest control spray thoroughly right over the plant and around the base, getting in to every nook and cranny where bugs like to play hide-and-seek. Repeat fortnightly if needed until bugs are gone. Wait at least a fortnight before mixing treated plants back in with your jungle to be sure the insects are completely eradicated. 

Conqueror Oil and Neem can be used together.

Pro Tip

I'd highly recommend immediately adding Dyna-Gro Pro-Tekt to your entire jungle's feeding schedule. Pro-Tekt is a silicon supplement that helps plants create a barrier against future attack from chewing and sucking insects, helping protect roots, stems and leaves, while helping plants recover and heal faster. Silicon helps protect the rest of your jungle from attack also. It's nature's bodyguard for our indoor plants!


Always doing a small test spray on a part of the plant 48 hours before using it for a full foliage spray.

mix with sulphur sprays such as Yates Lime Sulphur Concentrate, Captan, Bravo or carbaryl. 

For the full safety data sheet head to Yates NZ website.