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Yates Thrive Indoor Plant Food 8-9-8 - 500ml

$13.99 NZD $14.99 NZD

Good old Yates Thrive Plant Food has been the go-to for plant lovers for years. Their Indoor Plants formula is - surprise surprise - formulated for potted plants housed in an indoor environment. 

Yates Thrive Indoor contains Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Manganese, Iron and Copper in a concentrated formula, with one 500ml bottle making up to 150 litres. The NPK ratio is 8.1-9-8.2.  

Directions for use

During active vegetative growth (think green, so that's stems and leaves), go for 2 caps per 9 litres - or 10mls per 1 litre of water - and apply fortnightly

During flowering, from bud formation to end of flowering, drop down to 1 cap per 9 ltres - or 5ml per 1 litre of water - and apply weekly.

For baby houseplants, seedlings as well as sensitive plants and light-feeders - go for from 3/4 to 1 capful per 9 litres - or 3 to 5ml per 1 litre of water - and apply fortnightly.

Application tips

If you're in a pinch without a pipette to measure mls accurately, the average size teaspoon holds 5mls and a tablespoon holds about 15mls.

Best applied during a cooler time of day (we'd give it a miss of you expect the temperature to reach over 30 degrees, even more important if applying to completely dry soil).

Give the bottle a good shake before each use.

Always dilute before you feed (don't apply the concentrate directly to your soil - dilute in water first, then apply). 

If the soil's very dry, best to do a flush of plain water first, then feed with diluted Thrive as per the rates above.

If you water regularly, so the top few cm's is dry but soil around the roots further down is likely to be moist, just follow the normal directions above (initial flush feed not needed).

Store bottle in a cool, dry place. 

The safety data sheet can be found on the Yates NZ website.