Grosafe BioNeem directions for use to treat mealybugs, thrips, scale, aphids and mites

Goodbye baddies. Hello Bioneem. Here's how to use Bioneem neem oil...

What pests does BioNeem work on?

The biters and the suckers! Effective on mealybugs, scale, aphids, thrips and scale on indoor plants.

What plants can you use BioNeem on?

Ornamentals (that's the category our houseplants are in), flowers, vegetables, fruit and lawns.


How does BioNeem work?


BioNeem is both a natural pest repellent and an anti-feeding insecticide in one. It stops pests feeding on your plants and also interrupts the breeding cycle. BioNeem is a contact insecticide (not a systemic), so works on surfaces where pests live, eat and breed. 

How do you use BioNeem?


1ml BioNeem per 1 litre water



For mealybug, mites, scale and thrips: Mix as per dose and spray when pests are first seen. Thoroughly cover all surfaces pests live and feed. Repeat again 10 to 14 days later if needed. In cases of high levels of pests, apply 2 to 3 sprays, 5 to 7 days apart. Isolate the infested plant during treatment, and for at least 14 days following last sign of pests. 

For aphids: Mix as per dose and spray when pests are first seen. Thoroughly cover all surfaces pests live and feed. Monitor plant and apply again 10 to 14 days later if needed. Isolate the infested plant during treatment, and at least 14 days following last sign of pests.

As a preventative: When used as a preventative, mix as per dose and spray every 3 to 4 weeks.



BioNeem is even better when combined with Enspray 99. Combined they provide instant kill of existing colonies, including adults, while BioNeem continues to repel pests and interrupt the breeding cycle from getting established again. Both are certified organic.

Used together
: Use 8mls of Enspray 99 with 2mls of BioNeem per 1 litre of water. Keep the plant isolated while infested. Spray again 10 to 14 days later if needed. Can also be applied every 5 to 7 days when used as a preventative, before pests appear. 



The same as with any treatment or foliar spray, keep in mind some plants are more sensitive than others. Although both BioNeem and Enspray are non-phytotoxic (meaning they haven't been shown to increase light sensitivity in plants), it's still recommended to spot-treat a small area first, and wait at least 48 hours before applying to rest of the plant. Treated plants are best kept out of direct sunlight until leaves are dry (at least 24 hours is recommended).

It's important to thoroughly cover all surfaces because insects are very good at finding untreated spots to feed on and survive. Combine BioNeem with Enspray 99 for better spread to improve coverage and 'stickability' so treatment lasts longer.

Neem is usually used to support other treatments, however can be used by itself when insects are young, and at the first signs of an infestation, before colonies mature. For established pest colonies, use neem along with other treatments.


Where can you buy BioNeem neem oil in New Zealand?

From me here at Love That Leaf :)

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