GT Clonex Clone Solution (CCS) directions for use

Props on joining the GT gang. You've got yourself a best seller that your cuttings, seedlings and baby plants are going to grow crazy for. A little GT Clonex Clone Solution (CCS) goes a long way. One 250ml litre bottle makes up to 50 litres or 5,000 mls of cloning solution. Below are the full GT CCS directions for use... (there's also GT Foliage Focus directions here, or GT Complete Focus directions here)


Direction for using GT CCS Clonex Clone Solution


When should you use GT CCS?

GT CCS is a complete and balanced, specialist fertiliser for use when propagating and repotting. For node and stem cuttings, wet stick propagation and seedlings. Most often used in hydroponics (growing in water), CCS is also compatible with all media, including leca and potting mix. 

What does CCS do?

GT CCS supports faster growth of stronger, healthier roots. For best results, use CCS with Clonex rooting gel. (also made by GT, licensed in NZ to Yates). Vitamin B-1 and Auxins combine to quickly initiate root growth and reduce transplant shock, while reducing the risk of stem and leaf rot while roots establish.


How do you use CCS for propagation?

For water propagation: Dilute 5mls CCS per 1 litre water (small vessels: 1ml per 200mls water). Place cutting in CCS cloning solution. Make up fresh cloning solution with every water change. 

When propagating in water or semi-hydro, in standing water (rather than with an air stone or circulation), refresh cloning solution at least weekly. 

As a foliar spray: CCS can also be applied as a foliar spray as frequently as every second day at 5ml CCS per 1 litre water dilution. Spray in low-light or after lights out. 

For even better results: Dip fresh cutting in Clonex gel first to seal fresh cuttings, reduce the risk of rot, and speed up initial root formation. 

For soil propagation: When propagating in soil or other solid mediums, water with cloning solution every time you water, diluting 5mls of CCS per 1 litre of water.

For rooted cuttings and baby plants: As cuttings mature, ready to pot up, you can increase the dose up to 10mls CCS per 1 litre if required to keep up with root growth.

How do you use CCS when repotting?


To reduce transplant stress and aid root recovery, dilute 5ml CCS per 1 litre water.

Before repotting: When due to be watered, soak plant in CCS nutrient solution 24 to 48 hours before transplanting. Bottom water 15 to 30 minutes or until soil is saturated (60 minutes max). Drain well.

After repotting: Within 60 minutes following potting up, soak new substrate and root ball thoroughly in CCS nutrient solution at 5ml CCS per 1 litre water (60 mins max), or thoroughly top water until substrate is evenly saturated.

To aid root recovery: Ideally continue with CCS every water until new vegetative growth is seen, then return to plant's usual fertiliser routine (eg: Complete Focus).


I've seen people mix-feed fertiliser with growth boosters. Can you mix-fed CCS?

Yes, you can. CCS is a complete and balanced fertiliser. By providing the essential nutrients plants need, CCS supports growth, which also helps you get better results when using growth boosters.

If you want to boost growth further, using a growth supplement like HB-101 or Groconut, cloning paste like Crazy Keiki or Urban Botanist, or rooting hormones like Clonex or IBAdex, it's recommended to keep fertilising. CCS is made to work with Clonex rooting gel in particular. They make a superb combo.

Growth boosters push a plant to grow faster than usual, which plants can't sustain long-term without the essential nutrients that fuel that growth. It's no good pushing down on the accelerator if there's no fuel left in the tank! A fertiliser like CCS is the fuel.

Without replenishing those nutrients, you'll find the growth booster slows then 'stops working' over time. It hasn't really stopped working. It's often a nutrient deficiency getting in the way of growth (the fuel tank's empty), so fix the deficiency by fertilising, and the growth booster will 'work' again.

Before mix-feeding, it's best to get advice from the manufacturer of the exact product you are mix-feeding with, however when I mix-feed with a growth booster, I usually reduce the growth booster but keep my fertiliser the same or increase the fertiliser.

The following is my personal advice, not the manufacturer's advice, and is what's worked for me, however I still recommend checking with each supplier for yourself as this is based on my plants and my conditions, which won't be exactly the same as yours...

+ Groconut

When I mix-feed GT with Groconut, I reduce Groconut from the usual 1 teaspoon per litre, to 1/4 teaspoon Groconut per litre of water and feed from 5ml to 10ml of GT per litre of water as I would normally.

+ Cloning paste

When I mix-feed with cloning paste, I use cloning paste as normal following the directions, and use GT as normal.

+ HB-101

When I mix-feed with HB-101 I drop HB-101 down to just 1 to 2 drops per litre, and feed my usual level of GT. The combo of HB-101 and Foliage Focus together is a bit of a hobbyists secret that seems to really boost the results compared to using each separately. I'm still experimenting with my jungle and so far, really good.

+ Rooting hormone

For new cuttings dipped in IBAdex or Clonex, use the rooting gel or powder as normal, and follow the propagation dose above for CCS (starting at 5mls CCS per 1 litre water to make cloning solution). 


Where can I buy Growth Technology CCS Clonex Clone Solution in New Zealand?

From me! Love That Leaf is proud to stock all GT best sellers including GT Foliage Focus, Complete Focus and CCS (as well as Clonex, made by GT, licensed and marketed in NZ by Yates). 


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