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Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste - 7mls Starter Kit

$35.00 NZD

Harness the power of plant growth hormones for good. Make new growth from nothing like magic! Okay, that does sound a bit like super hero stuff, but you will be amazed at the power of what's in this little jar.

This is the original, genuine Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste from Southside Plants, made in the USA. Keiki is pronounced 'KAY-kee' which means child in Hawaiian. Originally developed for Orchids but since used with amazing results on a long list of plants.

Keiki is the name for an exact baby clone produced by a mother Orchid plant. Used on hoya, philodendron, anthurium, string of pearls, bonsai, african violets, roses, monstera, begonia, geranium, jewel orchids and many other aroids.

Click to zoom in and scroll through through the photos to see all the plants it's been successfully used on and what results others have seen.

Starter Kit comes complete with instruction booklet, 7ml jar of Crazy Keiki, and wooden q-tip applicators. 

Read the full Crazy Keiki Cloning Paste directions for use > 

Verified reviews

"This product is just AMAZING!!! I waited a few months before writing this review because i wanted to test the product first. I am just AMAZED! I wish i new about this product earlier!!! My phalas keep blooming and producing flower spikes like i just bought them, it's CRAZYYYY! I applied the paste on 30 nodes and got 2 keikis, 3 fails and 25 new flower spikes!!!" - Anne-Isabelle Bonifassi (verfied Amazon buyer)

"I wish I could give this more than 5 stars!!! This stuff is incredible!" Jen Angelini (verified Amazon buyer)

"A little goes a long way so after applying to 4 huge orchids and many cuttings I still have paste left over. Price point was very reasonable. Love that it is in a lanolin base and not a powder. Powders are messy & worry about inhailing them." (verified Amazon buyer)

"I’ve had several new shoots and roots start on several of my house plants. Greatest success on most of my hoyas." (verified Amazon buyer)

"Within 10 days I could see subtle signs of growth of the treated buds. Nearly a month after the keiki paste application, I have EIGHT growing buds on the spikes. Hard to tell at this point if they will be keikis or new bloom spikes, but I'm delighted by the prospect of having either, basically for minimal cost. If it turns out that a lot of the buds are keikis, I will effectively double my orchid collection." Mike (verified Amazon buyer)

"The cloning paste really works on string of hearts and hoyas. Highly recommended." (verified Amazon buyer)