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Inkbird Plus - Heat Pad Seedling Mat - 58 x 25 cms

$39.90 NZD

Don't let winter stop you. Keep propagating, growing and repotting all year-round.  Warmth speeds up root growth and grows stronger roots while keeping cold-tolerant tropicals warm over winter. Combine your new Inkbird PLUS heat mat with a grow light for even better results. Put your heat mat under a prop tank, grow house or cabinet, or just pop seedling trays or pots directly on top (yes, Inkbird PLUS heat mats are waterproof too). Very affordable to run. Based on 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, the cost is around $4.50 total running for 3 months right through winter*

Why get an Inkbird PLUS heat mat?

  • The new PLUS model has an upgraded heating film that reaches temperature faster, and maintains a more stable, gentle heat that's more evenly distributed throughout the mat surface.
  • Waterproof: Rated IP67. Waterproof against spills and misting. Simply wipe dry.
  • Increases success rate for cuttings and germination. Seeds and cuttings germinate and root faster and roots produced are stronger. 
  • Super thin and flexible. Can be rolled up or stored flat. 
  • 20 watts for lower power consumption.
  • 5'9" cord. Almost 6 foot in length. Comes with NZ plug. Connect to a power outlet, power board or heat mat controller (available separately).
  • Compatible with the Inkbird ITC-306T heat mat controller which monitors ambient temperature, turns your pad on and off to maintain your chosen temperature/s, and allows you to set separate day vs night temperatures (controller available here).
  • The new PLUS model also has improved cord insulation for use indoors and out, including in higher humidity environments such as greenhouses. 


What can heat pads be used for?


Keep propagating and growing all year-round.  Warmth speeds up root growth and recovery after repotting. But heat mats are not just for the babies. Also a great way to keep tropical-loving indoor plants warm over winter and to look after your high-maintenance jungle members. I use mine under my Ikea cabinet (last winter I had a heat mat on 24/7 under my prop tank terrarium). A warmer root temperature also helps stressed or struggling plants recover. 

Heat mats also help over-watered plants dry out faster, reducing the risk of root rot in winter. Great for an emergency fix for accidental over-watering all year-round. Heat mats also mean you can repot all year-round. Maintaining a root temperature of over 20 degrees helps roots recover and start growing again following repotting or after removing damaged roots after root rot. 

You can also grow seeds and seedlings all year-round indoors. Most seeds won't germinate unless temperatures are between 20 to 30 degrees (the same temperature range of an Inkbird PLUS heat mat). With a heat mat and decent light you can grow herbs like oregano, parsley, sage, thyme, chives and more indoors, even in winter.

These heat mats are designed to work by themselves, but for more control over daytime vs nightime temperatures, get the Inkbird ITC-306T heat mat temperature controller

What temperature does it heat to?


Inkbird heat to 20 to 30 degrees (root temperature) depending on ambient room temperature, airflow, and the surface you put it on. When used without a controller, they average 10 degrees above the ambient temperature. With the right conditions it can get hotter than this (up to 40 degrees) but you'll need to manipulate the environment to maintain higher temperatures, such as adding an insulation pad under your heat mat. See tips for set-up and use below.

To control minimum and maximum, and set a different temperature for daytime vs night-time, you can also get a compatible heat mat controller. The Inkbird PLUS heat mat works best with the Inkbird ITC-206T controller (available separately here). 

However these are also made to work without a controller. and average 10 degrees warmer than the room temperature. Many people leave them on 24/7 over winter, to avoid cold shock from overnight drops in temperature, or you can also pop this on overnight-only.  


What size is it?

The Inkbird PLUS heat mat measures a smidge under 58cms long by 25.5cms wide and about 2mms thick. The standard size for a seedling heat mat, but thinner than most.

Tips for heat pad set-up and ways to control the temperature (without buying a controller)

If a heat mat controller isn't in budget, here are some budget-friendly DIY ways to increase or decrease a heat mat's temperature by changing the environment instead.

You can put your prop tank, grow house, seedling trays or potted plants directly on a heat pad for higher warmth, however some airflow is recommended (even if it's just leaving one end slightly uncovered), rather than completely covering the pad. 

The surface the heat pad is on changes the temperature also. Placing on colder surfaces or materials like concrete will reduce the temperature, and placing on an insulated surface will help maintain a higher temperature. 

A black neoprene foam pad (available by the metre from stores like Spotlight), can be cut to size and used below the pad to increase insulation, helping the pad reach and maintain higher temperatures.

You can cool down the temperature of a heat mat by increasing airflow. One simple way is to use a few round neoprene foam pads (also called grippers). Put them on top of the heat mat, then put your pots etc on those pads, rather than directly on the mat . That creates a gap for excess heat to escape. You can buy those from hardware stores (often sold as pads to stop furniture marking floors). 

Covering the plants (putting them inside a dome, prop tank or grow house), helps retain the heat and also increases humidity and reduces water loss

Definitely get yourself a mini 2-in-1 hygrometer and thermometer to keep an eye on the minimum and maximum temperature and humidity to help you create the ideal environment for your plants.

*cost per day based on 8 hours use per day, 7 days a week, at $0.32 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh), based on the 2023 average NZ electricity rates published by Canstar Blue


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Winter Must-Have

I placed this mat in my ikea Rudsta and cannot say enough good things for my plants. The temp stays consistent around the clock, and has kept the delicate roots of my cuttings and plants growing steadily.

Ann Davis
Great product and great service.

This plant mat is amazing, I actually bought two and my seedlings are loving the extra warmth.
Highly recommended by me and my plants 🪴

Just ordered my 2nd heat pad

I ordered just one to check if it will be effective for my plants. So far so good and my plants give me new leaves faster than when I don’t use this yet. Ordered another one so I can use it with my other plants. Highly recommend this and worth to use it, especially cold weather is starting.


Great product and has been perfect for seed starting

Flourishing seedlings

My garden for this year has had such a happy start with these mats. Quality product. Quality service. We will be back!

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