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Bio Leaf African Violet Potting Mix - FINE Custom Blend - 2 litre - For AV's, Peace Lilies, Begonias, Ferns

$14.00 NZD

*Please note: Maximum 10 litres total of potting mix per order before overweight shipping applies*

You can add other items to the same order, heavy limits only apply to items marked heavy. You can order more than the limit above. If needed, I'll pop your order on hold and will get in touch to arrange payment for overweight shipping (rates are here). Natural, organic potting mix like this is best potted up within 30 days to get the most benefit for your plants. Best to get only what you need, when you need it.

This is the 2 litre size. Also available in 5 litres >

Bad news

Yes, it's true. The much loved Bio Leaf potting mixes will no longer be produced after November 2023. Although natural, organic potting mixes like Bio Leaf are best potted up within 
30 days to get the most benefit for your plants, you can stock up and store it for 3 months in good conditions. Store in a cool, dry place indoors. Avoid direct sunlight and high humidity. When ready to use, dampen then mix well as it will have settled when stored.

Why a custom mix for African Violets?

One word, FLUFFY. At risk of sound a little weird, I can't stop touching this mix! It's delightfully fluffy, light, airy and well-draining, yet maintains the perfect, evenly moist water level for longer, for all plants who dislike drying out. A perfect mix for wick-watering and bottom-watering too. 

Actually, it's NOT only for African Violet's, but it was formulated for their more specific needs, making it the perfect blend for other members of the Gesneriad family, including Streptocarpus and Gloxinias, as well as other houseplants that share the AV's love of a fine, airy, evenly moist potting mix including Begonias, Peace Lilies and more. 

What plants is this blend best suited for?

Superb for houseplants you constantly have to water because they dry out too fast. For plants prone to scorched, crispy, dry leaf margins or dry, brown leaf tips when they dry out, and for plants quick to wilt or curl when thirsty.

African Violets of course, but also Peace Lilies, Begonias, Baby's Tears, Pitcher Plantsnearly all Ferns and many more. Even thirsty Syngoniums.

This mix is superb for:

  • Established plants with finer or more delicate-root systems that don't hold a lot of water in reserve and are prone to wilting when dry.
  • Seedlings and baby plants with less established root systems, which are more reliant on their substrate not drying out.
  • Plants with shallower root systems which suffer in normal potting mixes when the surface dries out too fast.
  • Plants who dislike their crown or leaves getting wet and need bottom watering

    Maintains an even, lightly moist substrate for 5 to 7 days or longer, depending on your conditions. Much longer than typical indoor plant potting mixes which are designed to drain fast, dry out fast and have low water retention. This mix has excellent capillary action for wick-watering, self-watering or bottom-watering.

    Thank you Bruce Andrew

    Bio Leaf have collaborated with 'World-famous-in-New-Zealand' top African Violet grower Bruce Andrew, to create this custom AV blend. Bruce has been growing AV's for more than 40 years, as well as Begonias, Streptocarpus and other Gesneriads for 10 years. Bruce is very generous with his knowledge, freely sharing his experience and advice with others. 

    How to water with this blend

    This blend is designed for use with the wicking or bottom watering method, but can of course be used with top watering (however allow extra time to drain vs. chunky aroid potting mixes). This fine, fluffy, fibrous, porous substrate has superb capillary action, saving time when bottom watering as it absorbs water more efficiently, right to the top. 


    What's in the bag?

    A soft, fine, airy, well-draining ratio of imported fibrous Peat Moss, Vermiculite, Perlite, crushed hardwood Charcoal, plus the Bio Leaf Bioactive Blend of organic nutrients and growth-enhancing compounds, all in a carefully-balanced, consistent ratio. Produced in small batches for the freshest organic value for plants.

    Closer to nature

    As well as the ingredients you can see, Bio Leaf also includes a proprietary Bioactive Blend that promotes a healthy microbial population of miniature, beneficial soil microorganisms, creating a foundation for your plant that's closer to nature.  

    The non-plant-geek version? Although too tiny to see with the naked eye, Bio Leaf creates an ideal environment for tiny soil super heroes to set up home, helping increase nutrient availability to plants, reducing the risk of deficiencies and helping detoxify soil.


    Peat moss

    One of the best substrates for providing water, without becoming waterlogged or compacted. Peat Moss also helps create an ideal, slightly acidic pH that tropical houseplants thrive in, increasing access to all the essential minerals needed for growth.  



    Lightweight with low water retention, natural volcanic perlite improves both aeration and texture, adding airy pockets which helps keep air circulating between roots. Won't decompose over time.



    Builds a stronger growing medium that holds water better and for longer. Helps maintain a consistent moisture level for longer for plants sensitive to drying out. 

    Horticultural Charcoal

    Helps increase aeration and adds drainage. Natural porosity holds on to necessary nutrients for roots to access. Creates a more favourable environment for good bacteria and beneficial microbes. Helps balance soil pH and detoxifies soil.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Joan Taylor
    Arrican Violets repotted

    I have always used potting soil for my African Violets and never realised there was a special mix for them. Bought some from Love that Leaf, It arrived promptly a few weeks back but I have only just repotted them so fingers crossed they still love me.

    Glenys Biggs

    Excellent product. Rejuvenated my plant immediately.


    I have repotted all my begonias, syngonium and even a peace lily into this mix and they have been thriving since.


    Great mix for my begonia angel wing, glad to of found something specific for it.

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