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Book - Leaf Supply A Guide to Keeping Happy Houseplants

$59.90 NZD


"An amazing book with so many helpful bits of information! I love this book and have bought multiple copies to give as gifts." @jess_bathurst

"Great book, was going to give as a gift but like it so much I think Ille be keeping it for myself! Great reference book, very informative and great photos." @kym_wa

"This is such a great book for plant beginners and intermediates! It covers your basic plant care as well as some other rare varieties. I would highly recommend purchasing for yourself or fellow plant lovers! Plus, the cover is beautiful in itself!" @halli_home

"The photography in this book is really beautiful. It is a nice collector book. Has good general information about all the basic houseplants. I liked the couple pages on trouble shooting and the different bloggers they interviewed." @alicia_burgen


About this book

This is just a lovely, lovely book. Worthy of any coffee table. More substance that your typical photography-only coffee-table book (which is not to take away from the gorgeous photos - not at all).

Leaf Supply: A Guide to Keeping Happy Houseplants is a relaxing, easy read. You can dip in and out of this book with ease. The advice is geared more towards beginners and those new to the plant hobby, but the photos will be loved by all levels of the plant-addicted.

There's all sorts covered: how to repot - introduction to plant care covering soil, water, fertiliser, light and more - introduction to propagating - indoor plant styling tips and inspiration - insect and disease trouble-shooting - interviews with plant-lovers including sneak peeks into their homes and workplaces - plus 100 plant profiles from everyone's favourites to rarer finds.

Plus, with the authors being Australian, you can actually get the majority of them in NZ too which makes a nice change from so many other plant books.  Each plant profile is easy to digest. An overview of light, water and soil requirements at a glance, with a short paragraph about each plant - and of course - stunning photography throughout. 

Just over 250 pages in a lovely, hefty hardcover, measuring 21.5cm wide x 25.5cms tall and an impressive 2.5cm thick. The green-edged pages are a beautiful extra touch. You can tell they've given the aesthetics a lot of thought. The cover is gorgeous before you even turn a page. The thick, matte pages are a pleasure to turn. Very tactile. A lovely addition to a plant-lover or book-lovers collection. Certainly worthy of any coffee-table or waiting room.


Behind the scenes

Authors Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan from Leaf Supply in Sydney have published three indoor plant books: Leaf Supply, Indoor Jungle, and new-kid-on-the-block Plantopedia, published in 2020.