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Book - The Leaf Supply Guide to Creating Your Indoor Jungle

$59.90 NZD

"I have this book on my coffee table and am always opening it up for plantspiration" @bobbiee

This is truly a book to treasure. Not just another coffee table book that's all show and no substance. The Leaf Supply Guide to Creating Your Indoor Jungle combines beautiful, full-page, full-colour photography you can both escape into and be inspired by, with excellent education and advice for all levels of experience, alongside plant profiles, insights, interviews and more.

There's so much to inspire, enjoy and learn packed in-between the stunning photos too. Here's what's waiting for you inside...

  • Plant profiles for the faves and the trending new crew, including Hoya, Monstera, Ficus, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Pothos, Philodendron, Alocasia, Begonia, Cacti, Succulents, Ferns, Peace Lily, Scindapsus, Spider Plants, Gloriosum and many more.

  • Plant care essentials covering light, soil, humidity and more.

  • Stunning plant photography and inspiration for interior design and plant styling.

  • Interviews with stylists, fashion designers, photographers, interior designers, horticulturalists and more with stunning sneak peeks into their private spaces, workplaces and homes from around the globe, plus visits to famous plant places, including The Barbican Conservatory.

  • Plant styling and selection advice room by room, including the kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom, workplace, balcony and courtyards.

As beautiful to read as to look at. An absorbing 250 page book you'll find yourself turning to time and again. This hard-cover work of art measures an impressive 25.5cm tall x 21.5cm wide x 2.5cms thick. This is one to tuck up with in your favourite chair with a cuppa and bikkies. Well worthy of any coffee table, this will wow even non-plant-addicts. 

"Super-dee-duper inspiring and a great way to allow readers to envision their own indoor gardens. Thanks for the great book filled with amazing ideas and photos" @shawnacoronado

Behind the book

Authors Lauren Camilleri and Sophia Kaplan from Leaf Supply in Sydney have published three indoor plant books: Leaf Supply, Indoor Jungle, and new-kid-on-the-block Plantopedia, published in 2020.

Photography by Luisa Brimble, Janneke Luursema, Anna Batchelor, Aidan Rolls, Lillie Thompson, Jessica Nash, and Lyndon Foss.