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CANOPY Extendable Grow Pole - INK 34cms MINI [from $5 each]

$7.00 NZD

*Singles $7 each or $5 each for a 3 pack*


Give your climbing indoor plants a chance to embrace their wild side with a Canopy Grow Pole. Made tough enough to support even chunky Aroids, like Monstera Thai Constellation, as well as your finer stemmed climbers, including Philodendron, Pothos, Epipremnum, Syngonium and many more. If you've got a rainforest canopy plant, give them a Canopy Grow Pole to climb, like nature intended.

This size & colour 

INK (matte black) in MINI

The good stuff at a glance


  • Simple, fast assembly. No tools needed.
  • Easy to extend, modular design.
  • Soil tabs for extra stability.
  • Customisable, fill with the substrate of your choice.
  • Encourages bushier growth & bigger leaves, faster. 
  • Adjustable pole volume for more room for roots.
  • Tough & sturdy. Made to last. Re-usable.
    • Honeycomb mesh front design, the strongest shape in nature.

      Pole measurements (assembled) 

      MINI - 30cms tall x 4.5cms wide

      SMALL - 35cms tall x 6cms wide

      MEDIUM - 40cms tall x 7.5cms wide

      LARGE - 58cms tall x 9.5cms wide

      The ever-so-slightly tapered design means the top width is slightly wider than the bottom (top width measurements given above), making them modular in design and super easy to extend. Just slide a new pole in the top and keep growing! As the above measurements exclude the length of the soil tabs, actual pole height may differ by up to 5mm. Soil tabs by themselves measure 4cms (mini), 4.5cms (small), 5cms (medium) and 4.5cms (large) in addition to the pole heights given above.  


      2 colours 

       is a sleek, matte black that can blend in or stand out depending on your décor. Combine with Fern Fibre inside to make all colours of foliage really stand out as the star of the show. Or combine with Spag Moss inside for that more natural vibe. Wanting your pole in a high-light spot? Choose black so you grow plants, not algae! 

      Or choose CLEAR if you want to keep a close eye on root health. Completely see-through. Your substrate is on show, making it easier to visually monitor moisture levels also (both Spag Moss and Fern Fibre change colour as they dry). Add Fern Fibre for that natural forest look, or lighten things up with Spag Moss for a softer more neutral aesthetic. Clear are also recyclable at the end of their life, made of PET plastic.

      PS: Some photos show these same poles in SNOW (frosted) and WHITE (both of which I may add to the range later), but I thought I'd start with the two most popular colours first, so currently stock only the CLEAR and INK (black). Unlike the frosted, clear really is almost invisible. Swipe through the photos to compare. 

      How to assemble


      Fold along both sides of the front panel first.

      STEP 2: TABS IN

      Choose your pole width and insert the tabs (tabs go from the outside in).

      STEP 3: FILL UP

      Fill with your choice of substrate and you're done!

      Slide your pole into your pot, attach your plant, and up you go! Remember to get plant velcro or plant clips to attach stems to the pole until aerial roots take over.

      Best substrate?

      I have tested all sorts over the years and Spag Moss is the most popular, but my favourite is Fern Fibre because I can get away with watering less often. I also find Fern Fibre more forgiving of drying out with less impact on the plant.  

      Why I love these poles

      Strength from Nature

      There's a clever reason nature favours the hexagon shape, from beehives to snowflakes. The hexagon is the strongest shape in nature, able to support far more weight under pressure (I'm looking at you chunky Monstera).

      Easy to extend

      Some poles are so fiddly to extend. Not these! The slightly-tapered width makes them modular. Just slide in a new pole.

      Ink for the win

      I'm quietly in love with the INK colourway. Not the obvious choice but the black makes foliage look amazing, especially when combined with Fern Fibre inside. The black is also a slightly thicker, more flexible plastic than the clear, so easier to take the tabs in and out if you need to undo your pole.

      No pot tip

      I love how small these come, right down to the itty bitty MINI. Now you can start a plant climbing as soon as possible to keep growth bushy and get leaves bigger, faster. They take up less room in the pot too. More room for roots! Perfect. 

      Actually reusable

      Un-doable? Un-assembleness? I don't know what the word is for that, but I love that you don't wreck these when you try to disassemble them (that's the word!). Most poles make it almost impossible to un-do them later without cracking or breaking the tabs by accident. And the cut-out hexagons are a perfect size to easily get roots out with no damage. 

      Lazy, low maintenance

      The more plants I have, the more I find myself a little neglectful. As much as I originally loved open-mesh DIY poles, these are much lower maintenance. The closed back design keeps moisture in for longer for less frequent watering.   

      Don't forget to grab your choice of substrate and velcro or plant clips :)

      Please note substrate, plants and accessories shown not included. This is for the pole only.


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