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Crew Mini Propagation Pot - 5.5cm x 6.5cm

$1.89 NZD

The teeny weeny Crew Mini Propagation Pot is both cute and practical. The perfect size for propagating cuttings and growing seedlings without taking up a tonne of room, and more importantly, less soil / substrate means less chance of root rot for your babies.

Actually has decent drainage holes too! Other mini pots I've tried have tiny drainge holes, or just not enough of them to keep that water moving and free-draining, away from precious new baby roots. 

They measure 5.5cms tall x 6.5cms diameter at the top and 5.5cms diameter at the bottom. Being quite squat, their lower centre of gravity makes them more balanced compared to standard pots, so less likely to tip. Handy when using lighter substrates like sphagnum moss, perlite or succulent mix. 

Made of a rigid, yet thin enough plastic, to give them just the right amount of flex to easily, gently squeeze babies out when they're ready for an upgrade. Give the pot a wash and you're ready to re-use. They may be cheap but they're definitely tough enough to use again-and-again. 

Size? Tick. Drainage? Tick. Price? Tick! 

Go on, get a few, and get propping!

: This is my own combo that works a treat for my cuttings... If you want your babies to develop roots faster, give them a boost with Groconut, a natural rooting hormone, and keep up that nitrogen and calcium for faster growth, stronger roots, stems and leaves with Dyna-Gro Foliage Pro.

 Remember when using any growth booster - such as a hormone powder, water concentrate, dip, or cloning paste - your plant will much more quickly deplete it's own stores as well as the nutrients in the soil to fuel that rapid growth.

Some nutrients are mobile - your plant will move them around where they're needed - but some (like calcium) are immobile. That means once there's a deficiency, that root / stem / leaf's cells will be deficient for life. Calcium is not a deficiency you want in a newly propped cutting! 

Don't stop feeding your NPK-type plant food when using growth boosters, or that initial growth spurt can result in a deficiency. I personally use Foliage Pro (linked above), for the high nitrogen and calcium for new babies, but it is a complete food so also offers all 16 essential nutrients in the right balance.