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Crew Mini Snips - Matte Black

$6.99 NZD

A new addition to the popular Crew Essentials range are these cute wee Mini Snips in matte black for trimming and propping indoor plants. Such a good size. Perfect for delicate work, like the teeny stems of Calisia Repens Pink Bubbles shown in the photos.

I use mine for accurate trimming for all my little guys like String of Pearls, String of Turtles and Pink Bubbles, and all my small to medium indoor plants with softer, bendy stems like my Pothos, Philodendron, Peperomia (and others that don't start with P).

They're too small for the chunky stuff like Monstera, so best saved when your usual secateurs are just too big and you need something small for accurate, close-up work. If you've ever been in to sewing you'll be familiar with these as they are also used as thread snips. 

They measure just over 10cm long in total. The blades measure a smidge under 4cm long. The clever 'U' shaped plastic handle springs them back open after every snip and you barely need apply much pressure to close them to cut. Nice and easy. Universal for right or left hand use.


I know they're cheap but that doesn't mean they are intended as single-use throw-aways. If you give the blades a wipe clean after use, and apply a drop of oil on the blades and open and close a few times to distribute it every so often (if you have clipper or sewing machine oil), they will actually last a surprisingly long time. Best stored clean, dry and oiled.

No, they aren't high-end, fancy-pants, Japanese or German steel, sharpened to a scary fine edge, or anything extra special really. But they are super practical for delicate work. Don't try and attack woody stems with them or snip wire etc (like plant ties), or you'll end up notching, blunting or damaging the blades. Remember when propagating you want to keep your snips clean.

I use mine on the regular for weekly trimming and they give a nice clean cut for taking cuttings for propagating too. They are so easy to hang up too to keep out of the way but on-hand, instead of having to put them away then dig them out of your 'everything draw' every time with all the mess ;)