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Crew Soil Sensor Water Meter

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My son now officially has the title of 'Moisture Master' thanks to this Crew Soil Sensor Moisture Meter. He gleefully tours the house, testing the soil, on the hunt for a plant that's ready to water.

This clever little moisture meter makes checking water levels fun. No more digging fingers in to the soil to guess if it's time to water.  No more dirt under your fingernails! The Crew Soil Sensor Moisture Meter makes keeping an eye on moisture levels easy, fast and mess-free. It's so easy to know when your plants are ready for watering again. Plus it's a great price too. 

How does it work?

Simply slide the probe into the soil, press the sensor button, and the indicator on top will light up with what the moisture reading is down at the tip of the probe, with 3 levels

BLUE = WET > A reading of 60% to 100% moisture level.

GREEN = MOIST > Around 15% to 60% moisture level (the happy range for most indoor plants).

RED = DRY > 0% to 15% moisture detected. Time to water (unless you want the substrate dry of course). 

Swipe through the photos to see each mode lit up. 

Leave it in one plant if you prefer, or just do the rounds checking everyone. No down-time required when shifting between plants. Just pop the probe in the soil and press the sensor for an immediate moisture level reading.

I find I forget which plant I've left it in - or where my son's left it in the house - so I ended up getting one sensor for each group of plants to make it as hassle free as possible. That way when I check up on my jungle I do a quick moisture check without having to hunt for the sensor. Easy peasy. 

What does it come with?

Nothing fancy. The sensor comes as shown in the photos, with the battery included. Definitely function over fashion at this price. Think Nokia 3310 not Apple iPhone. No fancy-pants packaging.

PS: If they still make the old Nokia 3310 my son is totally having that as his first phone. Texting and snake. What more could you want? 

How do you set it up?

Again, nothing complicated here either. Before first use: Take the cap off the top, slide out the battery (included), and remove the blue battery cover. Slide the battery back in, pop the cap back on, and you're ready to go. 

Note there is a different model that looks similar, but has two probes, hooks up to an app, has an automatic mode, and reads all sorts of other soil health measurements too. This doesn't do any of that fancy-pants stuff. Having tested both, I found the app a bit hit or miss and that model got mixed reviews, so I decided to only stock the more basic, reliable model. This model measures moisture only, and you press the sensor to get the reading, nice and simple. Nice price too!

What size is it?

The perfect size for all your small to medium indoor plants. Total length is 13cms and the probe measures 7cms long1.5cms wide x about 1mm thick, So yes, it's very thin, meaning the probe slides in easily for minimal soil and root disruption. The probe is also very smooth, helping reduce soil getting stuck to it when you put it in and out. 

Can you replace the battery?

Yep, sure can. It fits the CR2032 round lithium battery which is readily available in NZ. It comes with one battery included.

I'm not sure myself how long the battery lasts, but have been using a couple for my indoor jungle for coming up 3 months so far and still going strong.

Does the soil type matter?

To some extent, yes, as if your potting mix is so super airy it barely holds much water, there won't be much for the sensor to sense! You will also get borderline readings sometimes when used in airier mixes, such as flashing between green and red when moisture's down around 15%. That can happen with any mix also though when you're in-between levels.

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