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Superthrive Dyna-Gro BLOOM 3-12-6 - Liquid Plant Food

$26.50 NZD

*Dyna-Gro is in the process of changing to new branding under the Superthrive brand name. There is no change to the product inside, just the label only on the outside*

*One free 3ml pipette included in every Dyna-Gro order* 


Which plants is BLOOM for?

BLOOM is for all plants that flower, produce fruit or vegetables. Orchids, Hoyas, African Violets, Gardenia, Begonias, Roses, Peace Lily, Cyclamen, Hibiscus, Tomatoes and more.  


Should I use GROW or BLOOM?

There are 2 approaches: 

Many hobbyists are 'one food, all year' feeders. For you, go with GROW for your flowering jungle members, all year round. Job done.

Other hobbyists take the approach of looking after plants to match their needs and  season, changing what you feed over the year. In general, you split your seasons in two, foliage and blooming. For you I'd follow the seasonal guide below.

PS: You 100% can use GROW or BLOOM by itself all year-round for flowering plants but for best results match your food to your plants needs. 

BLOOM is made for use during the bud to flowering stage. For best results start using BLOOM before plants shift into flowering phase. If you're unsure when that is, swap to BLOOM at the first sign of buds forming.

GROWING SEASON: When your flowering plant is in foliage not flower mode, go for GROW

BEFORE FLOWERING: Focus your plant's energy away from foliage and on to flowering. About 6 months before flowering, plants initiate bud formation. Before buds appear, shift from GROW to BLOOM.

FLOWERING: Go for BLOOM throughout flowering (same for during fruit and vegetable production). Stay on BLOOM until flowering / fruiting / food production has finished. Then shift back to GROW for the rest of the year. 

 For leafy veges like lettuce, kale and spinach, go for FOLIAGE-PRO


BLOOM is a complete and balanced food. Urea free, so safe for potted, container and indoor plants to reduce mineral salt build-up and fertiliser burn. Also includes all-important calcium.   

BLOOM is a low nitrogen, high phosphorus formula. The NPK ratio is 3-12-6 (3 is Nitrogen, 12 is Phosphorus). Compare that to GROW 7-9-5 & Foliage Pro 9-3-6.

BLOOM's ratio focuses on flowers, fruit and vegetable production - away from stems and leaves - avoiding long, leggy, stretching stems and helping plant's produce big, healthy, long-lasting blooms. Keep feeding BLOOM all year round, or swap back to GROW after flowering, until bud formation starts again.

Keep in mind no food can force your plant to flower. That's caused by age, light, temperature and other factors most hobbyists don't have total control of. However too much nitrogen, or a lack of phosphorus can reduce bud and flower production. 


Why is Dyna-Gro different?

COMPLETE > Includes all 16 essential macro and micro-nutrients indoor plants need. A truly complete food. 

BALANCED > Nutrients balanced to avoid both deficiencies and excesses. 

NO UREA > Urea is what most fertilisers use as their nitrogen source. Fine for outdoors, where excess can leach away from roots. But for indoor plants? Urea can turn soil pH acidic, and cause root and leaf burn

CALCIUM! Most plant foods lack calcium - or levels are too low. Calcium can't move around your plant. If there's a deficiency when growing, there's a deficiency for life. Stunted growth, deformed leaves, weak stems, new growth rotting, black spots, yellow leaf edges. Plants need 1 to 3 x more calcium than phosphorus! BLOOM includes calcium at a level you don't need to supplement.

How to use BLOOM

For feeding every time you water for most plants: 1ml per 1.5 litres is general maintenance level. 
In winter, for slow-growers, or light-feeders: 1ml per 3 litres. For very fast growers and heavy feeders, up to: 1ml per 1 litre

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Madison Riddell-Cross

This plant food has done wonders for my plants! My hydrangea which hasn't flowered for years is now starting to grow flower buds and I couldn't be happier. Absolutely makes a difference for flowering!

Elaine Miller
Happy as!

Ordered Dyna grow bloom for my African violets and I'm very pleased how healthy they are looking and you only need a tiny amount so will last ages.Anna kindly gifted me a handy pipette for measuring which I find so handy.Delivery was so quick, can't fault customer service!!


The good stuff

Dick Chong

Dyna-Gro BLOOM 3-12-6 - Liquid Plant Food

Hazel Haenga
Grow Bloom.

Love, love, love this product. My flowers just keep coming.

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