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Dyna-Gro GROW 7-9-5 - Liquid Plant Food

$22.00 NZD

*310 mls makes over 465 litres* 

*We include a FREE pipette for easy, accurate use*

"This stuff is amazing. My plants have grown so much with just one use. I am afraid to use it again quite frankly because they might grow to be 700 feet tall and attack the nearest major city. Will definitely purchase again. My plants are happier and healthier. Worked especially well on my begonia, which sprouted five new leaves with just one application." @ulysses_20

"I feed my African violets with a low dosage. They love it and reward me with beautiful leaves and blooms. I highly recommend this fertilizer. Have used it for years." @sparkle_peck

"My orchids would never bloom until I started feeding them this plant food. Now I get loads of blooms every year. I love this product." @randy_p

"My houseplants do really well with this feed. My hoyas have put on so much growth and are so happy!" @murphy_mum 


Should I use Dyna-Gro GROW or Foliage Pro?

Both are a complete, balanced, liquid plant food. Both provide your plants with all 16 essential nutrients (not just NPK) in the right balance to avoid excesses or deficiencies. Both are urea free to avoid mineral salt build-up, acidic soil and fertiliser burn. Both include calcium, the vital missing nutrient most plant foods lack that can cause irreversible deficiencies.

So for the majority of indoor plants where foliage is your focus, both Grow or Foliage-Pro are suitable for general maintenance. For more specific needs however, here's the factors to consider...

GREEN BITS & BABIES: Higher nitrogen (that's the first number, so 7-9-5 for Grow and 9-3-6 for Foliage-Pro), is a goodie for growing stems and leaves, especially good for baby plants. Both formulas are high in nitrogen - all plants need nitrogen - but Foliage Pro provides the extra nitrogen that makes it the favourite for propagating cuttings and for seedlings. It's popular with nurseries and growers for the same reason as it gets plants out of greenhouses and in to stores much faster.

FLOWERS: For your flowering plants - think Orchids, Hoyas, African Violets, Gardenia, Geranium, Begonias, Tulips, Peace Lily, Lilies, Cyclamen, Roses, Azalea, Bougainvillea - you want the lower nitrogen / higher phosphorus balance in Grow, both for general maintenance and to set buds.

MIXED JUNGLE: If your jungle is a mix of foliage and flowering plants, but you want one food for everyone, go for Grow. If your jungle is only foliage plants - or a mix, but it's foliage not flowers that matter to you (even for those that do flower), then go for Foliage Pro.

ROOT TYPE: The middle of those 3 numbers (7-9-5 for Grow, 9-3-6 for Foliage-Pro), tell you the level of Phosphorus. The lower phosphorus in Foliage-Pro is the better choice for plants sensitive to Phosphorus (such as plants with proteoid or cluster roots).

FERNS & NZ NATIVES: It does vary, but ferns tend to have shallower, cluster-type root systems, and NZ natives are thought to have adjusted to low-phoshorus soil, so for both ferns and NZ natives we'd recommend Foliage-Pro with its lower phosphorus level.

SUCCULENTS & BONSAI: Two families that Grow's 7-9-5 formula is particularly good for. In fact, Dyna-Gro Bonsai is identical to Dyna-Gro Grow in the bottle, just with a different label on the outside! It's so popular for Bonsai it got its own label.

FREE-DRAINING SOIL: For growing in a soil-less or inorganic medium like 'gritty mix' or GM - meaning a substrate with little to no organic matter (think pine bark, perlite, pumice) - using fertiliser becomes far more important as there's little to no nutrients in the substrate. Both Foliage Pro and Grow are recommended for soil-less or free-draining substrates - so check the other requirements above depending on what you're growing and what stage it's in. For plants in that early vegetative stage (that's your babies focused on roots, stems & leaf production), and for indoor plants where foliage is the focus, go for Foliage Pro 

Why is Dyna-Gro GROW 7-9-5 different?

If you're already clued-up on the Dyna-Gro difference, scroll down for the directions for use below this section. 

COMPLETE > All 16 essential macro and micro-nutrients indoor plants need. A truly complete plant food. Not just an 'NPK' food.

BALANCED > Nutrients in the right balance to avoid both deficiencies and excesses. Prevents excess, unabsorbed mineral salts building-up in soil. That build-up can steal precious water from your plants, cause browning, wilting leaves, leaf loss and slow growth (check for white build-up on soil surface & around drainage holes too). 

NO UREA > It's urea free like all Dyna-Gro products. This one's a biggie. Urea is what most (usually cheaper), fertilisers use as their nitrogen source. Fine for outdoors, where excess can leach away from precious roots. But for indoor plants? No thank you. Urea can turn soil pH acidic, cause root and leaf burn. 

CALCIUM! Most plant foods lack calcium at all, or levels are too low. Calcium can't move around your plant, so if there's a deficiency when growing new leaves and stems, there's a deficiency for life (sad face). If you've noticed stunted growth, deformed leaves, weak stems, new growth rotting, black spots or yellow leaf edges, those are common signs of a calcium deficiency. Plants need 1 to 3 times more calcium than phosphorus! Yes, Dyna-Gro Grow includes calcium.

PS: The calcium in both Grow and Foliage-Pro makes this our go-to for Watermelon Peperomia in particular. All plants need calcium, but some in particular, like some Aroids - Monstera and Philodendrons for example - are thought to have a higher calcium requirement than others.

Directions for use

Like most plant foods, dose varies based on plant requirements and frequency.

For feeding every time you water for the majority of plants: 1ml per 1.5 litres is a popular maintenance level.

In winter or for slow-growers you can drop down to 1ml per 3 litres. For very fast growers and heavy feeders, adjust your dose to 1ml per 1 litre. I use the 1ml per 1.5 litre dose every time I water with Dyna-Gro for most of my jungle, and for my lighter feeders - like African Violets and Hoya - I go for the 1ml per 3 litres dose when not in flower. 

BUT do make sure you check the full Dyna-Gro GROW directions for use here > BEFORE first use, as it gives you the doses for every time you water versus monthly feeding, for hydro, leca, propagation, and foliar feeding. Dose does vary.

Used at general maintenance level, the 310ml size makes over 465 litres. Superb value for money. 

More Dyna-Gro GROW 7-9-5 reviews 

"I've used it for all my Bonsai/Plants for 12 yrs. IMO 
it's the best." @ken_craver

"Uncanny results in hydroponic system!!! Growth rate amazed me!!! I found my "go to" for sure." @dustin_smith

"All I can say is amazing. This small bottle has turned my garden around from a few light green and yellow leaves to very lush dark green leaves. The best part is the explosive growth, incredible. Had to top em early and the side growth is just amazing. Full healthy plants. Try it, you will like it.." @c_J_us

"My orchids LOVE this fertilizer. The plants that were doing ok are now flourishing and ones that I had given up on are growing new roots! Great stuff!" @toniii 

"I really wish I took a photo of my plant before I tried this. This stuff came and I didn’t have any buds. Within 2 weeks it has many buds and I am amazed. Soo easy to use and a little goes a long way!!!." @lb_rice

"I use this on ALL my plants and they love it! Succulents, cactus, palms, snake plants, monstera, pothos, nerve plants, dracaena, elephant ears. It's so easy to mix and you don't use much so a bottle lasts a while. My plants seem to perk up almost immediately when I give it to them!" @kindle_us_cu