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Growth Technology FOLIAGE Focus - 1 Litre

$25.00 NZD

"If you want anything to upgrade your plant collection, this is the product to do it with, my plants have hand on heart never looked so bloody good! I could not recommend this product enough! If you love you plants then this is what you need 🤍" Jenna 

 Which plants is Foliage Focus for? 

Take your plant's nutrition to the next level with GT. Formulated for indoor plants where foliage is your focus, including Aroids, such as Monstera, Pothos, Philodendron, Ficus, Epipremnum, Peperomia, Syngonium, Sansevieria, Hoyas, ZZ, Ferns and more. Low-salt formula safe even for salt-sensitive or fertiliser-burn prone variegated plants too. No urea, chlorides or sodium, guaranteed.

This is the 1 litre size (free pipette included). Also available in 250ml size > 

 How often should you feed Foliage Focus? 

Little and often. To avoid irreversible deficiencies in immobile nutrients (such as essential calcium), it's recommended to feed GT every time you water. From 3mls of GT per 1 litre of water. Full directions below.

 Lucky plants 

Foliage Focus is made by Growth Technology, known in the industry as GT. These are the clever chaps behind world-famous Clonex. GT has created a specialist range for indoor plants. Here are 6 reasons your plants will be feeling lucky when you choose GT.


 #1 Calcium 

Calcium is essential, yet most fertilisers don't include it. Cracked, split or curling leaves. Slow, stunted or deformed growth. Buds that fall off before plants flower... all common signs of a calcium deficiency

Calcium isn't a mobile nutrient, so if there’s a deficiency when new growth forms, the damage is done. That new growth may never reach its potential, staying small, cracked, split or deformed, or rot and die early. That's why you want your fertiliser to include calcium so your plant gets what it needs every time you water. Foliage Focus includes everything indoor plants need, including calcium. 


 #2 No urea, chlorides or sodium 

Common in most fertilisers. Not in GT. Boost growth without harming soil or plant health. Outdoors, excess mineral salts can leach away from precious roots. Indoors? Plants can't escape. Foliage Focus uses urea-free nitrogen and chloride-free potassium plus no sodium, guaranteed to give plants only what they need - and nothing they don't - reducing the risk of fertiliser burn. Safe even for salt-sensitive and variegated plants.


 #3  Complete 

Most fertilisers list NPK only. Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). Far from all the nutrients plants need, yet enough to claim to be 'complete'. Check the label. GT is different. Not just 3, but all 12 essential nutrients. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, manganese, boron, zinc, copper and molybdenum. 

 #4 Balanced 

Both complete and balanced, with all 12 essential nutrients in the right ratio for profuse, strong, lush leaf growth for indoor plants where foliage is your focus.

 #5 pH buffered 

Many of our favourite indoor plants come from habitats where soil pH is naturally more acidic. Soil pH matters. Too acidic or too alkaline and some nutrients become toxic while others like calcium and phosphorus become unavailable. Foliage Focus is pH buffered to 6 once diluted, slightly acidic, right where tropical-loving indoor plants prefer, and where nutrients become ideally available, helping avoid both deficiencies and toxic levels.

 #6 Chelated minerals 

Pronounced 'key-lay-ted' (think of a key unlocking a door). Chelating minerals 'unlocks' the 5 essential metal nutrients: iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc and copper. Metal nutrients can react in the soil, turning them into solids plants can't use. Chelation adds organic molecules to protect precious metals, keeping them water-soluble and available to your plants. All metal nutrients in Foliage Focus are chelated.


 Directions for Use 

Every GT order comes with one FREE 5ml pipette (worth $1.20) to make the right dose easy. One 1 litre bottle of Foliage Focus makes over 300 litres based on the light dose below.

 How much Foliage Focus do you need? 

Choose your dose to match your plant's needs...

Mixed jungle: Use the General Maintenance dose of 5mls (1 teaspoon) per 1 litre of water. 

Light feeders / slow growers: Dilute 3mls per 1 litre water.

Heavy feeders / fast growers: Dilute 10mls (2 teaspoons) per 1 litre water.

 GT Foliage Focus reviews  

“Everyone’s always asking me how I’ve grown them so big in such a short period of time! Honestly the reason is the magic sauce from GT. It’s truly a game changer.” @plantsbycallum

"If you haven’t already tried Foliage Focus, do yourself and your plants a favour” @goldyplantdad

“I’ve been using Foliage Focus [on my Philodendron Melanochrysum] and the newest leaf is double the size of its predecessor” @emmasplants_

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
Paul H (plant daddy)
Foliage Focus

I was initially sceptical about the cost of 1ltr of this product, however, it's in line, or better value than other top plant feeds. After 4 weeks of using it, I've hardly made a dent in the bottle. . .that's great value considering the new growth and healthy happy plants I have. I had 1 Pothos that I fed with Foliage Focus, and one right next to it that was just fed with a generic plant food. . .the Foliage Focus fed Pothos has absolutely blitzed the other one with lots more new shoots, and healthier brighter growth.
I'll be buying this product from now onwards

Amy Fredericksen

Love this product! Highly recommended and can already tell why. Great service too thank you Anna!

Christopher Mitchell

I recently took the plunge and ordered this fertiliser after seeing a lot of positive comments by users online and YouTubers.
I have to say I didn’t really think it would make a noticeable difference, HOWEVER, I was wrong, my plant’s especially Alocasia in both soil and semi hydro have responded incredibly well, growth is thicker, sturdier and deeper in colour, growth has been impressive and I don’t know if this is related or not but a major reduction in fungus knats which is a welcome effect, have just ordered another bottle, definitely worth the investment.

Tracey Missing
GT foliage focus

Have been using this along with HB-101 and within a couple of weeks I can already see the difference it is making! My Hoys Kerrii has suddenly decided to grow an extra leaf and it’s twice the size of the others!

Kirk Boardman
Revived poor old fern

Amazing stuff! I waited to review because I wanted to see how it performs. Not disappointed at all! My dying fern is standing to attention and another plant that would not grow, has a new shoot! Yippee, thank you 🙂

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