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Growth Technology Orchid Focus GROW - 250ml

$15.00 NZD

If you want to level up your plant care game by upgrading your fertiliser, but only have a few plants, or you're not ready to commit to the bigger 1 litre size yet, this 250ml size is for you. 250mls makes 50 litres diluted. One 5ml pipette included FREE with every order (not one per bottle). Get extras here: 5ml pipette or 3ml pipette.

Which plants is GT Orchid Focus GROW for?

For your Orchids, Hoyas and other flowering plants with similar higher nutritional requirements and sensitivities, such as African Violets. Originally developed for the renowned Kew Royal Botanic Gardens in London, home to the famous Kew Gardens' annual Orchid Festival.

When to change from BLOOM to GROW

Continue feeding BLOOM until flowering finishes, then shift to GROW. For when to shift back to BLOOM, see this guideOrchids and Hoyas need the same 12 essential minerals, but amounts required change depending on the lifecycle phase. The biggest nutritional variation is between mineral requirements during the vegetative phase (when growing foliage), versus the reproductive state (when flowering).  

"'s the care you give, including what you feed, when an orchid is NOT flowering, that can be the key to unlock successful flowering next season."

During the vegetative phase, mineral requirements are not the same as the reproductive phase, requiring the shift from a bloom to a grow formula, supporting the growth required for repeat blooming next season. Nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium levels and more are all different. 

Directions for Use

General maintenance:  5mls (1 teaspoon) per 1 litre water. During the growing season or for fast growers or heavy feeders:  8mls per 1 litre water. To avoid irreversible deficiencies in immobile nutrients (such as calcium), it's recommended to fertilise with GT Focus every time you water.   


Who are GT?

Growth Technology are known in the industry as GT. The clever chaps behind world-famous Clonex (marketed here Yates). Lucky for us, GT created a specialist crop-specific nutrient range called GT Focus, each tailored to match a plant's unique nutrient needs.

Although every GT formula is different, there are some things that stay the same...  


Calcium is essential, yet most fertilisers don't include it. Common signs of a calcium deficiency can include:

  • Cracked, split, cupping or curling, weaker leaves
  • Slower growth
  • Twisted or deformed new growth
  • Pale or yellowing new growth
  • Buds that fall off before plants flower (a cause of bud blast in Orchids and Hoyas) 

All GT formulas include calcium
, immediately available to plants, however Orchid Focus GROW and Orchid Focus BLOOM have increased calcium levels to meet the higher demands of Orchids, Hoyas and other calcium-lovers. No guesswork needed with supplements. No human foods needed that can attract Fungus Gnats or take ages to break down. 


Free of Urea

The most common nitrogen source in fertilisers, however harder for orchids and hoyas to convert into life-giving nitrogen. With urea as the nitrogen source, the risk of fertiliser burn increases. GT Orchid Focus GROW and BLOOM are guaranteed urea-free, using instantly available nitrate instead. 

No Chlorides

Potassium Chloride tops the list for the highest-salt index of all common fertiliser ingredients. High-salt fertilisers are most definitely not good for orchids or hoyas. High chloride levels can scorch foliage and stunt growth, change soil pH, turning safe nutrients toxic, putting plants at risk of an early, yet preventable death. GT Orchid Focus is free of chlorides.

Complete + Balanced

Most fertilisers provide Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) only (NPK). 'The Big 3' plants need the most of, but not all 12 that a plant needs. GT provides all 12 essential minerals Orchids and Hoyas need. GT is formulated for Orchids and genera with similar nutritional requirements. That means no nickel or cobalt (essential for crops such as barley, and legumes such as beans), but potentially toxic, even in low levels for Orchids and Hoyas. No added sodium. Essential for some C4 plants (like celery and spinach), but phytotoxic for Orchids and Hoyas. All GT formulas are both complete and balanced. Everything plants need, nothing they don't.

pH Buffered

Most Orchids and Hoyas we keep are epiphytes which do best with a pH close to that of rain, around pH 6. Even if you provide all 12 essential minerals, if the pH is wrong, nutrients can be locked in the soil. A pH of 6 keeps all 12 essential nutrients safe and available. GT Focus is pH buffered to maintain an ideal, slightly acidic pH.

Chelated Minerals

Pronounced 'key-lay-ted' (like a key in a door). For Orchids and Hoyas to utilise the 5 essential metal minerals they need to be in a water-soluble form. Chelating attaches organic molecules to metal minerals such as iron, keeping them water-soluble, unlocked and availableGT Focus uses chelated metal minerals to help avoid deficiencies. 


Find out when to expect your indoor orchid to bloom and how to get them to flower again (and again) Learn more >


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Gillian Clover
Orchid Focus

All products I have obtained from Love That Leaf are outstanding. My plants love them and they give me much joy. It is helpful to know when and what to apply as plants undergo their cycles of growth. I gain confidence that my administration of Orchid Focus is correct and it is great to know it also helps my African Violets. Well done Love That Leaf!

Brenda Guy
orchid focus grow and bloom.

I got both at a special price awesome

Heather Winstanley
Orchid Revival!

I have been using the Orchid Grow for just over a month on my non flower Orchid. I have to say the plant is booming with one lovely new big leaf and to my excitement yesterday yet another leave is forming. I have never looked after a plant in my life however was gifted this lovely orchid plant last year and I despaired when all the flowers eventually died off. Highly recommend this product and I look forward to starting on using the Orchid Bloom once I see bud (fingers crossed). Cheers LovethatLeaf!

African Violet magic!

Despite feeding my African Violets with a specific AV food, they were producing healthy leaves but no flowers, after feeding with this magic potion, they’ve been flowering nonstop. Highly recommend.

New Growth

I have starting using Growth Technology Orchid Focus on both my Orchids and Hoyas. They certainly are putting on new growth and generally showing signs that they love their new food! Thank you so much for your prompt service and the helpful Plant Care guides (a great refer to).

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"I can’t recommend love that leaf highly enough. I’ve bought a couple of times so far and on both occasions Anna has been more helpful than I could possibly wish for. 5 stars! Don’t hesitate to order from Love That Leaf. Excellent service and super fast delivery." Rob Gordon

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