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Growth Technology SILICA 1 Litre

$22.00 NZD

New from Growth Technology comes GT Silica, known as 'Nature's Bodyguard'. A natural powerhouse nutrient abundant outdoors but missing indoors. Adding Silica to your feeding routine gives indoor plants the protection that nature would normally provide, making plants stronger, both physically and by supporting stronger defences against pests, diseases and environmental stresses. 

PS: Yes, if you've come here recommended by Professor Monstera, this is the same silica product he recommends to “help you keep the whites from browning” on Monstera Albo, also used for other highly-variegated indoor plants.

Which plants need GT Silica?

    Silica can be used as a pro-active protectant for any plant not already getting silica naturally indoors, or where soil water is deficient outdoors. Silica can also be used defensively for plants under stress or attack, however is best used proactively 'little and often' as silica is not a mobile nutrient, meaning plants can't correct a deficiency by shifting silica within its tissues. Plants rely on their substrate to meet their needs for silica.

    Silica also helps strengthen sensitive or weaker plants prone to stem weakness, browning and wilting, and helps plant's prone to attack by pests, fungus such as root rot and other diseases. 

    Silica is best made available to plants via the roots, but when more urgent action is required, use GT Foliar which provides a boost of silica as a foliar spray for more immediate uptake, then continue with GT Silica long-term provided through the roots. 

      What's in GT Silica?

      A concentrated blend of silicic acid and potassium hydroxide (called potassium silicate). Considered the superior form of silica for plants. 

      How does silica help with environmental stress?

      Plants deposit silica in their cell walls, strengthening roots, stems and leaves, acting as a protective barrier between the plant and the environment. Silica increases physical strength for plants prone to weak stems, browning, drooping or wilting leaves. The protective barrier also helps plants handle water and temperature stress. Reducing the impact of under- and over-watering as well as extreme hot or cold temperatures.


      How does silica help with pests?

      Silica is part of nature’s defence system against pests that feed on roots, stems and leaves, such as fungus gnat larvae, mealybugs and root mealies, aphids, thrips and spider mites.

      As well as making the external barrier harder for pests to penetrate and feed, silica also makes plants less palatable and harder to digest, slowing insect growth and reproduction.

      Silica's been shown to more quickly block the flow of sap when a plant is under attack from sucking insects like aphids and mealybugs. Plants have also been shown to continue to send silica to damaged areas after the threat is gone, so silica is also thought to assist with faster recovery.


      Browning in variegated leaves

      If you're an international Professor Monstera Method fan and have come here looking for silica because you're in New Zealand, yes, this is the same brand of silica the Professor recommends to "“help you keep the whites from browning”.


        GT Silica directions for use


        How much?

        Mix up to 5ml GT Silica to 1 litre water (to maintain 20ppm silica). Use less if there are existing silica sources (5mls is full strength).

        Although the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust, a component of most rocks, the concentration of silica in soil water is not that high (rocks don’t tend to be all that soluble). Silica concentration in soil water generally doesn’t get above 20ppm, the level GT Silica maintains used little and often at this dose.

        Silicates are very alkaline in their concentrated form in the bottle. Either wear gloves when handling, or take care not to spill on your skin (or clothes). Safety data sheet available here.

        Add Silica separate to your nutrient solution, or if following the Professor Monster method, always add silica first, wait 15 minutes, stir then add your GT Focus fertiliser of choice to the mix before watering roots. 


        How often?

        Silica is not a mobile nutrient. Plants rely on a regular supply. For best results, add GT Silica every time you water or every week.


        Customer Reviews

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        Absolutely love it, so do my plants, every plant Mum or Dad should have this as part of their feeding routine.

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