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Growth Technology Rootzone - 250ml

$39.00 NZD

"Love this product. I have been using it every watering for my many plants. It took a good 6 weeks to realise how all my plants are thriving - even in winter!! . They look so healthy and everyone wants to know my secret - so I tell them - Get some Root Zone!!!" Dianne Maxwell 

3ml pipette included FREE with every Rootzone order


 Based on Nature. Rooted in Science 

 GT Rootzone is here 

5 years in development and over 100 in-house and independent trials. It’s no secret to serious houseplant hobbyists how vital root health is. Anyone who’s suffered root rot knows how fast an entire plant can be lost if root health is  compromised. Root health is quite literally the foundation of plant health.

 What does Rootzone do? 

Developed based on nature’s rules: The stronger the root system, the stronger the plant. 

The name says it all. Rootzone is an organic-based biostimulant that boosts growth, supporting a bigger, stronger, healthier root zone at every stage of the plant lifecycle. Rich in natural growth hormones to give roots an unbeatable growth boost to benefit the entire plant. Nourishes plants from the roots up. But it’s not just about explosive root growth. Expect a dramatic difference above-ground too. A little goes a long way. One 250ml bottle makes up to 500 litres!

 What’s in Rootzone? 

A balanced blend of marine extracts, fulvic acid, amino acids, thiamine and potassium that work together to stimulate the natural root growth process, enhance nutrient uptake and increase resistance to pests and diseases like root rot.

 Marine Extract: Nature’s growth booster 

Marine extract Ascophyllum Nodosum is an organic biostimulant rich in natural growth hormones, including cytokinins, gibberellins and auxins, involved in every stage of plant growth from foliage to flowers, but especially in the growth of new roots.

 Amino acids: Bigger, stronger growth 

Amino acids are organic plant proteins involved in multiple plant growth processes. They aid in the production of chlorophyll, boosting photosynthesis, growth and soil health. Helping plants grow bigger, stronger and more dense. Supporting better use of nutrients from the soil, improving soil fertility and reducing unused fertiliser salt build-up and burn.

 Fulvic acids: Soil super-heroes

Tiny, golden, soil superheroes! Fulvic acids are a type of organic electrolyte, formed during the breakdown of organic matter in soil. The components of these biologically active molecules include carbon, oxygen and nitrogen that combine to stimulate growth and improve plant health.

Naturally occurring and golden in colour, fulvic acids help transfer life-giving nutrients from the substrate to the roots, reducing the risk of nutrient lockout and fertiliser build-up, improving the absorption and use of nutrients vital to plant health.

Fulvic acids boost growth of roots and shoots, while helping protect from common abiotic and biotic stresses, like root rot and fertiliser burn. Fulvic acids also loosen compacted soils, increasing aeration and drainage, reducing the risk of root rot.

 Thiamine: B1 immune boost 

Thiamine (Vitamin B1) is most abundant in shoots, roots and seeds. Part of what we think of as our plant’s immune system. Boosts a plant’s natural defence system, increasing resistance to pest attack and pathogens like root rot, aiding recovery from root damage and reducing transplant stress after repotting.

 Directions for use 


Gentle yet super-concentrated. 250mls makes up to 500 litres. Amazing value. Best used throughout the plant’s lifecycle, every time you water. For best results, use with your usual fertiliserRootzone is formulated to be used with GT CCS for cuttings and seedlings or with your best-match GT Focus fertiliser for established plants.

🌱 Cuttings and seedlings: 0.5mls per 1 litre water

🪴 Juvenile to mature plants: 1ml per 1 litre water




Does Rootzone replace fertiliser? No, continue using fertiliser. Add Rootzone to the same water as your fertiliser and feed as usual.

How often do I use Rootzone? Every time you water is best.

Can I use Rootzone in winter? Yes, it's gentle and safe for use year-round, helping roots recover after summer ready for spring. 

Does Rootzone replace Groconut? Being made by different companies, there are no tests to directly compare them, however Rootzone is also a natural source of plant growth hormones, but from a different source (seaweed) vs Groconut (coconuts), so it is likely best to use one or the other, or alternate, not used together.

Does Rootzone smell? Once diluted, no, there’s no odour* however concentrated in the bottle, yes. Rootzone concentrate has a rich, earthy smell combined with a vitamin B scent. *Once diluted, if you get close and have a good sense of smell, you’ll pick up a slight earthy smell.

What colour is Rootzone? In the bottle it's a rich, dark brown. Once diluted, it turns a pale, pinky-golden-brown, a shade similar to weak peach iced tea, due to the combo of seaweed extract and naturally golden fulvic acids.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Susan Simeti

I have been using Rootzone for a month, I use it along with the other GT products and it has really made a huge difference with my plants that weren't making any progress. I wouldn't do without it now.

Plants are so happy

Love this product and now my plants are addicted to it. I am using it combination with Growth Technology and only for a month and already seeing lots of new happy growth. It will be a staple in my plant supply cupboard from now on.

I won't do without it

As I combine this with pro-tekt silicon and GT foliage focus when I water so it is hard to say this alone has been a stand out product. However, last year I did not use this and this year now the weather has improved my indoor plants are taking off in a way I did not see last Spring or Summer so I do think this is making a difference. In addition I propagate using leca and have been putting this is the propagation water for a few months. Over Winter I propagated a lot of plants at a much faster rate than I did last Spring / Summer when I was only using silicon / foliage focus in the water. Of note I did not dilute the rootzone for my propagation I used it at the same strength as my mature plants, I would water my plants and then top up the leca with the remaining silicon/foliage focus/rootzone combination

Dianne Maxwell
Root zone

Love this product. I have been using it every watering for my many plants. It took a good 6 weeks to realise how all my plants are thriving - even in winter!! . They look so healthy and everyone wants to know my secret - so I tell them - Get some Root Zone!!!

Myrna Martin

Very good product.Highly recommended.

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