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Plant Runner Indoor Plant Food

$15.99 NZD

"My plants love this soooo much! They have been a bit sad and neglected but not even a week since I gave the plant food and there’s new growth on every single one of them. Yassss!" @justine_c

"I've only recently started using plant runners indoor plant food but let me say; I'M OBSESSED! The packaging is super cute and easy to use and the directions are super easy, so far my plants are loving it." @bridgette_m

What is Plant Runner?

Behold. Plant Runner. The indoor plant food elixir that gets your plants not just growing but thriving (plus we're quietly in love with the insta-worthy bottle). Made in Melbourne by the horticulturalist duo behind The Plant Runner Truck (like a food truck for plant lovers). Now available in NZ. Each 1ml drop is packed full of nutrients indoor plants crave. A igh-Nitrogen N:P:K ratio of 12:2:12 for foliage, plus trace elements and seaweed, yum! 

Outdoors, plants can send their roots out to forage for the minerals they need. Indoors? They're stuck in a pot and need your help. Plant Runner to the rescue. A super-concentrated super-food your plants literally drink up. 

Almost completely odourless too - unlike some too-stinky-for-indoor-use fertilisers we've tried - and super easy to use. The included dropper-top sucks up 1ml, and it's a 1ml drop per litre of water - easy as! Then just water as normal. Go for aPlant Runner boost every second feed during growing season, then save it only for the winter growers, and the rest can take a break. One 100ml bottle makes up to 100 litres of liquid plant food. No fussy prep needed, just drop and go. 

See how to use Plant Runner, what it does & how it works

Plant Runner is free of animal products, vegan friendly, and uses shore-collected seaweed

More Reviews

"I have used the plant food on my plants (mainly ariods) and am seeing some nice strong new growth after a couple of weeks." @hedda.l

"Within days of feeding my babies with this stuff, we had multiple new leaves sprouting throughout the whole family" @danielle_n