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Elho Green Basics Grow House Gift Kit + Labels - Medium

$59.00 NZD

The most popular size Elho Green Basics Grow House in a gift kit. The perfect gift for anyone who loves plants. You can never have too many plants or too many grow houses. A superb size for housing a big collection of precious babies & new cuttings. Protect & propagate anything and everything that needs a little extra TLC. Still compact enough to fit on the kitchen bench or your plant shelf. The base measures 36 cms long x 26cms wide and total height 21 cms. Keeps your plants safe and humid (plus they look so good all tucked up safe in here growing like mad). Fits up to 12 of the mini Elho grow pots, or plant directly in to the base. Gift kit comes packaged as shown, includes clear cover with adjustable air vent, grow tray and saucer, plus bonus of 3 free plant labels.

Propagate cuttings, grow from seeds, or protect your wish-list babies and new purchases. String of turtles. Philodendron Pink Princess. Indoor tropical plant cuttings, baby houseplants, herbs, veges... if it grows or needs protection, in it goes! Modular kit so you can use the lid, base or saucer separately or together. Clear lid has built-in ventilation adjustment with air valve to regulate air supply and temperature balance while keeping pesky pests out. UV filtered plastic can handle full sun no worries. Plant straight in to the grow tray (includes drainage holes) or fits small grow pots. Removable water reservoir below makes bottom or top watering easy.