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Rain 10 Clear Nursery Pot - 10cm x 10cm - from 83c each

$0.90 NZD

*Buy singles for 90 cents each*

*Save & get 6 for $5 (83 cents each)*

What was I thinking? Now I've gone clear, I have no idea why I bought coloured pots all this time. I love being able to see the moisture level and monitor plant root health without having to disturb my plants to sneak a peek. 

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Rain Clear Pots
 now come in 9 sizes. This is the Rain 10, the second-smallest, measuring 10cm wide x 10cm tall with the bottom width 8cms wide. A perfect size from babies up to small established plants. This is the size I now pot all my cuttings into once rooted, and I have everything from Hoya, Syngonium, Pothos, Philodendron and more all loving life in these. 

Rain 7 - 6.5cms x 7cms 

Rain 8 - 7.5cms x 8cms 

Rain 10 - 10cms x 10cms (this size)

Rain 12 - 11.5cms x 12cms 

Rain 14 - 14cms x 12.5cms

Rain 15 - 15cms x 14.5cms

Rain 17 - 17cm x 15cm

Rain 20 - 20cm x 19.5cms

Rain 23 - 23cms x 20.5cms

 What are Rain clear pots made of?  

pots are recyclable (recycle code 5), made of the same type of thermoplastic used for food, for everything from kids lunchboxes to medicine bottles. I prefer this type of plastic for plants because it has:

  • High chemical resistance to reduce leaching, making them a better choice when using fertiliser so nutrients stay available to roots and don't build-up over time.
  • High heat resistance, handy for sun lovers indoors, and for cleaning with hot enough water to kill any baddies if you ever get pests. Also top rack safe in the dishwasher.
  • Great clarity for use when you want to see what's inside, ideal to keep an eye on root health.
  • Low moisture loss making it easier to predict when your plants need watering again, and a great option for heated, dry-air conditions like a typical kiwi winter.
  • BPA free for peace of mind.

 Support ridges for extra strength 

Although hard to see once potted up, look closely and you'll see the Rain pots have fine support ridges running down the inside of the pots (they are smooth on the outside). These add extra strength and sturdiness, great for plants on root roids that like to get pushy, like ZZ plants. This design allows for strength while still being thin enough to retain high clarity, so you can easily monitor root health. Still thick enough to reuse over and over. Definitely not a single-use throw-away.

 Drainage for water and air flow 

I love the simple yet clever drainage design on the Rain pots. 8 decent sized drainage holes for free flow of water with a raised sectional design to increase airflow and reduce the risk of fungi and root rot. 

 Which cover pots do these fit?  

If your plant's roots don't care what pot they're in, but you prefer clear pots anyway for your peace of mind,  or you need to protect shelves from water damage (or like to bottom water), just tuck your clear pot into a cover pot.

The Rain 10 fit the 12.5cm Elho cover pot range nicely, currently available in black, white, bubblegum pink, turquoise, lavender, green and sunrise orange. You still get a decent amount of breathing room around the edges so you don't end up with those little fuzzy egg-like fungi setting up home (called saprophytic fungi), which love it moist with low airflow.

Not too tight a fit, so easy to lift in and out for watering. To check if the Rain 10 will fit a cover pot you already have at home, the top width is 10cms, the height is 10cm, and the bottom width is 8cm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Rain 10 Clear Nursery Pot

    Strong pot which can be reused and you can check on moisture requirements.

    Gloria Hyndman
    Clear Pots

    I’m happy to have discovered clear pots for my houseplants, I can see when they need repotting and need water. Also the tiny ones are great for starting baby plants off and a perfect size for my tiny pots :)

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