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Sustee Water Meter - White (3 sizes)

$15.90 NZD

"Even better than expected. These little dudes are a game changer for house plant addicts." @b_redford

"Sustee changed my mind about houseplants - anyone can grow a plant with this device." @mark_sc

"The set and forget watering is a must. I spent so many hours wondering if my plants needed water or not. Now I can grow plants like a pro. I LOVE IT!" @megs 

"Love my Sustee!! Never very confident with caring for indoor plants but my Sustee lets me know how." vicki_sl

What's all the fuss about Sustee?

Do your plants (and yourself), a BIG favour with this clever little device. Sustee takes the stress and guesswork out of the biggest impact you have on whether your plants live or die - water!

No accidental overwatering causing root rot. No neglect causing wilting and death. No sticking fingers in dirt (typically nowhere close to where the roots are anyway!). One of the most time-consuming, worrying parts of plant ownership is now easy, peasy. Plus you can leave your plants in the care of flatmates, family and friends without fear. Only water when Sustee turns white. Simple.

We consider Sustee a must for any picky plant buddy sensitive to overwatering, plants prone to root rot, or drama queens that don't handle drying out. A must-have for wish-list plants in particular. If you've been lucky enough to tick something special off your wish-list - especially if you have expensive taste - then don't risk killing it over something this simple to prevent getting wrong.

This clever set-and-forget device hangs out down at root level and tells you if you really need to water. Sure, you do our best to guess based on sticking fingers into the soil, but that doesn't tell you what's going on at root level where root rot happens. Plus your Sustee speeds up watering time dramatically. A simple glance at the colour of your Sustee tells you everything you need to know. No need to move anyone or stick fingers anywhere. Couldn't be easier.

How does Sustee work?

Don't laugh, but it reminds us a bit of a pregnancy test ;) The insert measures the amount of water down at the tip (at root level where it's inserted into the soil) and that moisture travels up the insert, changing the window to blue when wet, and fading back to white when it's time to water again. It's that easy!

One Sustee comes with the housing and one insert. Each insert lasts 6 to 9 months and you can get refill packs. The '20 questions about Sustee' video (flick through the photos to find it) shows it in action, well worth a quick watch before you buy.

See the full directions and video for how to set-up and use your Sustee, as well as Sustee FAQ's > 

What size Sustee should you get?

Sustee come in 3 sizes in 2 colours, white or green.

 is for all the little guys. The entire length is just 12cms. It sits about 7cm tall above soil level when inserted in your pot.

What size is the small Sustee for?
 Use it for plants where root level's roughly 4cm to 5cm below the top of the soil - for pots up to 9cm to 10cm wide or smaller - and for plants with shallow roots (even if they're in bigger pots).

MEDIUM is the go for most standard indoor plants. The whole length is 18cms. It sits from 8cm to 11cm above soil level when inserted. 

What size is the medium Sustee for?
This one's the best seller. Use it for plants where the roots are roughly 7cm to 11cm down below the top of the soil - for pot sizes from around 10cm up to 18cm wide. We use this size in some of our bigger pots too. Remember the soil and root depth is what counts, so for a wide but shallow pot go for the medium, or upgrade to the large for deeper pots. 

LARGE is for all your bigger potted babes, and great for outdoor container plants too. The entire length is 25cm and when inserted it sits 8cm to 15cm above soil level.  

What size is the large Sustee for?
The big boys! Anything in a pot with a width around 18cm up to 36cms - when the roots are about 11cm to 18cm or deeper below the top of the soil - and for smaller but deeper pots (you get the idea by now, but remember it's the soil and root depth that counts more than the pot width).

Flick through the photos to find the videos, give them a watch, then use the guide above to pick the best sizes for your jungle. Done!

"I love that watering has been made so easy!" @c-ayre