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Yates Bug Oil Conqueror Oil Ready to Use Insect Spray - 750ml

$15.99 NZD

Zap! Well, not quite. But this stuff is the bomb for controlling the peskiest pests, including aphids, mealy bugs, mites, whitefly and scale insects. It gives me the creepy crawlies just reading that list.

Yates Bug Oil
is Conqueror Oil in a ready-to-use, 750ml, spray form. 

This low toxic oil is very effective - yet gentle enough for indoor plants (be careful as not all insect spray can be used on our precious indoor babies!). Super easy to apply. No mixing, no measuring, no prep. No worries about getting the right dose.

Although made for ornamentals - the fancy name for houseplants grown inside for 'decorative purposes' (hence the name 'ornamental')- you can also use Yates Bug Oil on your Roses (watch out aphids!), as well as Hibiscus. 

Yates Bug Conqueror Oil Insect Spray Directions for use 

Spray! Seriously though, that's pretty much it. I'd immediately move the buggy plant away from the rest of your jungle first, and keep it in quarantine till there are no more signs of any nasties for at least a fortnight. 

Grab your Yates Bug Oil and spray to completely cover the leaf surfaces, including the undersides. Repeat fortnightly if needed to get any hide-and-seek masters, and the newly hatched.

It is rated for application on all indoor plants, BUT go easy on anything delicate like ferns. I'd be a bit reluctant to go hard on your super-expensive wishlist babies too just in case. A lighter application is more likely to need repeating again a fortnight later.

Pro Tip

I'd highly recommend immediately adding Dyna-Gro Pro-Tekt to your entire jungle's feeding schedule. Pro-Tekt is a silicon supplement that helps plants create a barrier against future attack from chewing and sucking insects, helping protect roots, stems and leaves, while helping plants recover and heal faster. Silicon helps protect the rest of your jungle from attack also. It's nature's bodyguard for our indoor plants!

Application tips

Do not apply Yates Bug Oil to outdoor plants if rain is expected within 24 hours.

Hold off when it's expected to get really hot. Best not to apply if you know the temperature that day will exceed 32 degrees.

If the plant is super dry, water first, wait 24 hours, then apply. Best not to use on plants already suffering moisture stress / dehydration.

If you're using a sulphur-type spray, wait a fortnight before using Yates Bug Oil spray.

Don't mix this with a sulphur sprays (like Yates Lime Sulphur Concentrate, Captan or Bravo).

Safe to use with most other sprays.



Keep out of reach of kids and pets.

Safety lock on the trigger.

For the full safety data sheet head to Yates NZ website.